(The I.N.S.A.N.E.: Teenage Chronicles)

To start off, I bet you're wondering what The I.N.S.A.N.E. stands for. It stands for the Incessant Narrative by a Solitary, Average, Naïve Existent. It is, basically, a collection of writing written by me. The Teenage Chronicles are a collection of fictional stories where each teen in the series has their own problem to solve. Every story has a different plot. Some things may happen everyday and other times, it may almost never happen. Most of these stories are some of the things I see around me, with a little bit of a fictional touch. Though this may be a fictional story, with fictional characters, some of the problems are very real and serious. You'll see when you read a few.

With each chapter, the perspectives and the person changes. Some of the events the leading character may go through may be sad, funny, depressing, and so on. The challenge in writing this is to try to write something in under every genre you can think of. Every character in this has some connection to the one before, whether it is his/her enemy, best friend, or one-time acquaintance. One event triggers another and I hope to show that clearly in this. I don't know, exactly, how or when this series is going to be finished, but I hope you enjoy reading this.

[] The world seen in the eyes of teens []