If someone had told me three weeks ago if I'd become friends with a guy who hates God, smokes, and steals, I'd laugh in their face.

I met him at a movie when me and a bunch of people were there. One of my friends, Tiffany, invited him, and when I first saw him, I was freaked out. He had dark brown hair about to his chin, wore all black, and wore black bracelets with spikes on them. He had a dark scary look that made it seem like he was going to kill us all. His friend had dark green shorts, black shirt, and curly hair, with that same look on his face.

Now, being the innocent one I am, I really didn't think I'd ever be friends with him. I just thought that I'd say a few words, then hopefully never see him again.


"Hey!" Tiffany squealed. "Guys, this is Sheily, Kristen, Drew, and Erik."

She pointed to each of us as she said our names. I attempted to smile, but I couldn't get the freaked out look on my face.

"And this is Jason and Daryll."

I actually forced a smie out of me, but I couldn't say anything. My mind was shut down.

I backed away trying to lean against the wall, but I missed by a few feet and landed on my butt.

"Ha ha, you act just like your hair color, blondie," Jason said laughing.

"Very funny, and my name is Sheily."

He stared at me like I was a freak. I stared down to see what I was wearing and realized why. 'Oh great, ' I thought. 'I see why he hates me, he hinks I'm a prep.'

With me and my friends, prep was the world's worst insult. People often thought I was one, but I am truly not. No one calls me a prep again and expects to live.

I was wearing faded jeans with glimmering sequins lining both sides. I had a bright yellow shirt on and a face full of make up.

"Jason, doesn't it hurt when you cross your arms? Don't the bracelets hurt you or something?"

Laughing, Jason shook his head.

Everyone continued to wait outside for my super lazy boyfriend, JC. We finally waited until he finally showed twenty minutes later, late as always.

We got into the line to buy our tickets. "I once was jumping over these velvet rope things" I was telling them "And I tripped making three poles holding them up crash on the ground."

Jason laughed. "Just like a blonde, Shelly"

"For the last time my name is Sheily!"

* * * * * * *

When we left the theater, of course, JC went straight to the arcade. Sick of always going to the arcade, just about memorizing each game from the numerous amount of times I've been in there, I decided to refill my drink and go outside to wait for my dad.

I went outside, but to only find Jason and Daryll.

"Where is everyone?"

"They left"

"They left me?!?!"


I growled and sat down.

We talked for awhile, and turned out, they were actually pretty cool. Actually, Jason was, Daryll didn't talk that much.

My dad finally showed up to pick me up and I left. I can still remember my dad's face from when he saw Jason and Daryll.

* * * * * * *

Later that night I got a phone call.


"Hey blondie"

Right away I knew it was Jason.

"Um, hey"

We talked about various topics for hours. I misjudged him by just his look. He was one of the nicest people I ever met, but parts of the conversation scared me.

"Have you ever committed suicide?" asked Jason.

"Urm, no"

"I have. I've jumped off the roof of a two story building, and slitted my wrists. They've never worked, obviously."

"Oh, OK. I got to go, my dad needs to use the phone, I'll talk to you tomorrow."

"OK, bye"

I hung up the phone afraid. Afraid for Jason. Afraid for me. Afraid for my friends. Just afraid something was going to happen.

That night as I went to bed I prayed for him. He was the center of my prayers from that day forward. I hope it did something.

* * * * * * *

The next day he called me up again and we talked over a lot more stuff.

"Look at my yearbook picture, I look so much different." He told me.

I got out my yearbook and turned to his picutre. There, we was wearing a gray shirt, had short hair, and the most important, a cross necklace.

"I..I never would have recognized you."

"I'm going to turn to your picture"

"Oh puh-lease! I look uglier there then I do now!"

"You are NOT ugly, in fact, you're HOTT."

"Haha, no, I'm not"

"If you didn't have a boyfriend, I'd have probably asked you out by now!"

Laughing, I still couldn't believe he thought that.

"Don't look at my yearbook picture, I look like a prep"

"You don't actually. When I first saw you, I thought you were a prep though."

"And I thought you were a gothic maniac trying to kill me. Daryll wasn't as freaky, but I was really freaked out."

"WHAT?! You weren't freaked out by Daryll? He's worse than me!"


"Loads worse"

"Um, ok then, I have a feeling I really don't want to know"

"You don't"

Then, he asked me a question that caught me off guard.

"Do you go to church and believe in Christ?"

"Yes I do, that's actually where I met JC"

"Well, OK"

"Do YOU?"

"No, I stopped going to church ages ago"

"Why? Are you just lazy?"

"No, I've had trouble believing in Him."