Which Box to Choose?
A woman stood there, watching me, with eyes cold as ice,
Voices swam around me, a meaningless buzz.
Fairies sang a sad, sweet song; elves laughed and looked on.
Stars floated all around
My vision blurred.
Boxes among boxes, but which was the right one?
They drifted past me amid stars; no time to examine them one by one.
Somewhere behind me, a harp played softly.
Impending doom weighed on my shoulders.
Which box to choose? Which box to choose?
Voices taunted. Voices laughed. Voices sang.
Too much noise.
Which box to choose?
The sand was almost gone.
Which box to choose?
I woke.
The noise became echoes; then, silence.
The room swam; then, stilled.
No more taunts. No more laughter. No more songs.
Just silence.