Here I Stand

Here I stand,
mighty and strong.
I have watched
over this land long.
Before and after War,
which so cruelly tore
through city and town many,
for mercy War has not any.
Claiming innocent lives,
but Hope,
does help and strive
to assist me in my goal
to right wrongs, cleanse souls.

Here I stand,
mighty and strong.
I try to free
the world of wrong.
I vanquish lies,
encourage dreamers
to try.
I clean a blood-stained land,
with a kind
and gentle hand.
I stop all fights,
let those
blinded by anger
regain sight.
I am a beacon
leading people
away from danger,
like many a great,
heroic ranger.
I show people
the error of their ways,
and to be faithful to me,
come what may.

Here I stand,
mighty and strong.
Let all be soothed
by my song.
Hope and I,
by and by,
slay war,
not with sword,
but with truth,
justice, and right.
The dark extinguished
by the light.
Night banished by day,
fear kept at bay.
As long as Hope
lives on,
I will never
be gone.
Dreams of a
peaceful world
shall not cease,
for I am Peace.