It's a never-ending nightmare

And I'm lost inside the hollow

Of my secret hopes and fears

The devil I will turn and follow

A whole new race for being

The prize of immortality

Suck the fresh young blood

I have no kind morality

Demons of the night rejoice

Hear the painful screams

Let them beg for mercy

They are lost inside their dreams

Dreams of one day healing

Of living a peace filled life

One without the pain of knowing

One without hate and strife

Blood promises eternal life

A way to turn from sins

It's a painful journey down

But in the end everyone wins

If you could take your hate and sin

And take it all away

Would you live to see some kindness?

Would you live to see the day?

Unless they find you, hunt you down

And rip away your flesh

Leave you in the alleyway

A place where light and dark will mesh

Creating a new sort of evil

One without a cause

It kills and murders just for fun

Don't try to stop it, it wont pause

It's the devil's spawn sent from hell

Unlucky times will persist

The urban legends all came true

Vampires really do exist