Author's Note- Ok now...this is my first vampire story so go easy on me please. I only partially know what I am doing. Well, just let me tell you a couple of things so there aren't many questions in this story. #1- to become a vampire in this story, you must be bitten only. I know some things say that you must be bitten then feed on the vampire's blood that bit you, but in this story you only have to be bitten. #2- When you get bitten, it takes about 1 to 7 days to turn. It's basically like a virus, it may spread faster or slower depending on the person. #3- In this story, the only cure for vampire-tism is to kill the vampire the bit you before you turn. #4- Vampires are effected by nothing except sunlight, that's it. No crosses, garlic, or holy water. Just sunlight. & #5- A vampire can hide their fangs. Well, on with the story.

Chapter 1- The Hunt

She had long black hair that reached her waist, bright green eyes, and a scar on the left side of her face. She wore a black leather trench- coat, a black tank top, a black mini-skort (*a/n- a skort is basically a skirt with shorts under it, but the skirt and shorts are attached.*), black leather knee-high boots, and black gloves with the fingers cut out that reached past her elbow. She ran through the pitch-black woods, looking for prey to feed on. She had starved herself for the last 3 weeks, so her hunger was driving her to extremes. She usually had control over her lust for blood, being a Master and all, but even a Master could only take so much. She was one of seven Masters, the first seven vampires. Each of the seven had a different ability that made them special. Her's was the ability to walk in the sunlight, a power that none of her kind had, but her. The world was lucky that she was the only one with that power, for she didn't abuse it. If other's had her power, half of humanity would be dead, and the other half would be turned. She didn't like to kill, strangely enough. She never understood why her kind did it, in fact she hated them because they killed. Plus she hated turning others. When a Master turned a mortal, that mortal would become mentally connected to the Master. They would share a's thought would become the others. And having so many voices in her head not only drove her nuts, it just pissed her off. And you wouldn't want to see her when she was pissed. Suddenly she smelt it, a human in the woods. It was a young one, a teenager, just like she liked them. And best of all, it was a drunk teenager. She could smell the alcohol a mile away. For her there was nothing like the blood of young one mixed in with some beer. She rushed up behind him and knocked the young boy unconscious before he could turn around. She then kneeled down and placed his limp body on her knees. Searching through her pocket, she pulled out a small dagger and slit the boy's wrist. She held his hand above her mouth and let the blood drip into her mouth and down her throat. After about five minutes of greedily consuming the young boy's blood, she pulled bandages out of her coat and wrapped up the boy's wrist. She then carried his body to the tent and laid him down. She grabbed his blanket and draped it over his body. She closed the tent after she exited and ran back into the woods. It was an easy meal like usual.


His name was Jack Maxwell, he was 32 years old. He was the leader of a group vampire hunters. Well, it wasn't really a group any more. Most of his team mates had been killed by a Master they had recently been hunting down. The only ones left were him and his best friend Michael Williams. Jack had short light brown hair that was spiked up and dark brown eyes that were almost always hidden beneath sunglasses. He wore a black T-shirt and jeans. Michael on the other had black hair that was a bit longer and bright blue eyes. He wore a dark blue sleeveless shirt, jeans and a jean jacket. The sun was slowly setting as they both drove down the barren Texas highway in their Jeep Wrangler. (*a/n- The Jeep Wrangler is that kind of pickup Jeep. It's the smallest of the 3 kind of Jeeps.*)

"So where to next Jack?", Michael said.

"What do you think? We kill that Master that killed the rest of the guys."

"I know that, but where do we go? We have no idea where he went."

"We don't have really find him. He's after us, remember? We did kill the rest of his clan. He's the last one left."

"So basically we just wait around till he finds us?"

"Yeah, that's all we can do now."

"Where do we go? We need a safe place to stay at."

"Let's stop at the nearest motel. Hurry it up, we need to get there before dark or else we're goners."

They were able to reach a motel that was scarcely populated about 5 minutes before the sun would completely set. They immediately transferred all weapons to their room and began preparing for battle. Their weaponry ranged from Desert Eagles (*a/n- A Desert Eagle is a type of gun.*) to ancient mid-evil swords.

"Jack, get ready. Sundown's in less than a minute."

"Bring it on.", Jack said as loaded his rifle.


They both waited, patient and totally alert, for the attack. The room stood silent for 5 minutes before anyone spoke.

"So is this guy going to show or what?", Michael said.

"Oh, don't worry, he'll show."

Suddenly the door was kicked in with such force that it went flying across the room. Standing in the doorway was a tall pale man with whitish- blond hair and blood red eyes. He wore a black trench-coat on top of a tight red shirt and long black pants. It was the Master.

"Time to die.", it said in a mocking hiss.

"Michael! Now!", Jack shouted.

Michael fired an arrow from the crossbow he was holding. It landed in the Master's chest, but it missed the heart barely. The Master just smiled as he pulled the arrow out with no effort. He acted although it hadn't hurt him at all. The Master then lunged at Michael and knocked him to the floor. Michael struggled in vain to knock the Master off. Jack aimed his gun at the Master and fired it, blowing a small hole in the Master's head. The now pissed-off Master turned his head toward Jack and glared at him. The Master raised his clawed hand and slashed Michael's chest. Michael held his chest in pain as the Master stood up. The Master ran at Jack and then grabbed his throat and lifted him off the ground in a flash. Just as the Master was about to decapitate Jack, a dagger went flying through the air and hit the Master in the middle of his forehead, causing him to drop Jack and clutch the wound. Jack and Michael looked around the room to see who had thrown the dagger. Standing in the doorway was a pale, tall but yet young looking woman. She had long black hair that reached her waist, bright green eyes, and a scar on the left side of her face. She wore a black leather trench- coat, a black tank top, a black mini-skort, black leather knee-high boots, and black gloves with the fingers cut out that reached past her elbow.

"Who the hell are you?!", Jack shouted.

"A vamp's worst nightmare.", the young girl said.

The Master hissed at the girl's commented. He then pulled the dagger out of his forehead and flung it across the room.

"Your helpless now, little girl. ", he hissed as he began to walk toward her.

"I don't think so.", she said as she pulled 2 black 45-calliber revolvers from inside her coat.

She aimed at him and then let the bullets fly. He just stood there as the bullets pierced his body. When she stopped firing, he laughed.

"Bullets can't hurt me."

"But this can.", she said as she grabbed a broken piece of wood and stabbed him in the heart with it.

The Master stared in shock as he collapsed to the ground. The girl then walked across the room and grabbed her dagger. She walked to the body of the dead Master and kneeled down. She then put the dagger to his neck and decapitated him. She grabbed the head by it's hair, stood up, and then threw it at Jack. He caught it with a surprised look on his face. She then started to walk to the door to leave.

"No, stop please. Don't leave.", Michael said causing her to stop and turn around to face him.

"My work here is finished.", she said.

"Listen, you butchered that Master easier than I could of killed a normal vamp. Who the fuck are you?", Jack said as he stood up.

"My name is Cassandra Anak. You could say I'm a hunter too."

"I'm Michael Williams."

"Name's Jack Maxwell."

"Why don't you join up with us?", Michael said.

"I'm...a bit of a loner.", she said a bit nervously, she was a vampire herself and she didn't want the two hunters to know.

"C'mon. We need someone as strong as you.", Jack said.

"Fine.", she said, figuring she could keep her secret hidden.

"Hey Jack, I think we should get outta here.", Michael said looking around the room at the mess of broken furniture and decapitated body.

"Yeah, me too.", Jack said as Michael tried to get up but then fell to the ground clutching his chest wound.

"Here, let me help you.", Cassandra said as she walked over to Michael and held out her hand.

"Thanks.", he said as she grabbed his hand and helped pull him up.

Jack then walked over to Cassandra and Michael. He put him arm around Michael and helped him walk to the Jeep outside.

"Sorry, but there's only room for 2.", Jack said after they helped Michael into the Jeep.

"It's okay, I have my own ride.", she said as she pointed to a black Harley Davidson motorcycle.

She walk over to her motorcycle as Jack climbed into the jeep. At the motel exit, she pulled her motorcycle next to the Jeep.

"So where to now Jack?"

"Just follow us, we're headin' back to hunter headquarters."

The Jeep pulled out on to the dark Texas highway, followed by the black motorcycle. They both rode into the darkness of the night.