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Chapter 2- Headquarters

The Jeep and motorcycle flew down the dark Texas highway. Cassandra wondered what the headquarters of these two hunters was. Plus she had to be careful. I wasn't very smart to act suspicious around a group of hunters that can kill you. 'Well, they can't kill me but I rather them not even try to . Because then I'd have to defend myself and I don't want anyone to get hurt because of me.', she thought to herself. She speeded up her motorcycle and moved from her position behind the Jeep to right next to it on the side where Jack drove.

"How much longer till we get there!", she shouted.

"It's right up ahead!", Jack shouted while pointing to what seemed to be a run down cathedral in the distance.

"I'll race you there!", she shouted with a grin on her face.

"Naw! You can go up ahead! We'll be right behind ya!", he said.

At this remark she drove her motorcycle at full throttle making the Jeep look like a turtle racing a rabbit. Her air flew across her face more violently than before but she didn't care. The way the wind felt as it blew around her was soothing to her soul. She slowed down as she pulled into the parking lot of the cathedral. She parked her motorcycle and waited for Jack and Michael to arrive. She didn't want to go in by herself because by her appearance alone, she looked like a vampire. If she went in with the two of them, they wouldn't try to kill her upon entry. After about five minutes of waiting, the Jeep finally pulled into the parking lot.

"What took you two so long?", she said.

"Well if you hadn't gone so fucking fast it wouldn't of seemed so long.", Jack said.

"Well, you did tell me I could go ahead."

"Lets just get inside quickly. It's still dark.", Michael said weakly.

After helping Michael out of the Jeep, they walking into the cathedral. 'The outside might of looked run down, but the inside's a different story.', Cassandra thought to herself as she looked at the spectacular designs that filled the room around her. As they walked down the aisle, an old priest hurried up to them.

"What happened Jack?", he said.

"That fucking Master attacked us."

"Who's she?"

"A friend."

"Where's everyone else?"

"Dead. Now let's get Mike here some help.", Jack said as he walked past the priest.

The priest led them to a secluded room that was filled with beds, an infirmary. Jack placed Michael on the bed, who was know drifting in and out of consciousness from the loss of blood from the deep gashes across his chest.

"Will he be okay Padre?", Jack said.

"I don't know.", the old priest said.

"He'll be fine.", Cassandra said.

"How the hell do you know?", Jack said.

"The wound's just a little deep. If someone could just bandage it up, he'll be fine after a little rest."

"I'll get one of the nurses.", the priest said as he hurried off.

In less than two minutes the priest returned with a nurse who cleaned the wound and then bandaged it up. After that Jack, the priest, and Cassandra walked to a separate room to discuss things.

"What is your name again dear?", the old priest said.

"It is Cassandra Anak, Father."

"Ah yes, you are a hunter as well?"

"Yes, Father, I am."

"Were you the one that killed the Master dear?"

"Yes, Father. But, I am sorry to say that that wasn't the Master."

"What the fuck do you mean that wasn't the Master?", Jack said.

"Yes, please explain dear."

"Well, there are seven Masters. Each of the seven have a special power that makes them unique. When a Master creates a fledgling, they pass their power onto that fledgling, giving that new vampire a weaker version of the Master's power."

"Huh? What the hell are you talking about?", Jack said.

"You don't know much about the Masters, do you?"

"No, not much. May you please explain dear?"

"As I said before, there are seven Masters. Each of the seven has a power. Got that?"

"Well, yeah.", Jack said.

"As you know, a person will become a vampire after they are bitten by one. After they are bitten, before they turn, they are know as a Forsaken. A forsaken can be cured only if they kill the vampire that bit them. When they finally turn, they are know as a fledgling. A Master's power can only be passed to a fledgling that they have sired, or created. That fledgling, which now owns a weaker version of it's sire's power, cannot pass the power to another fledgling which they sire. The only ones with the power are the Master and it's fledglings. And once you turn, there is no cure."

"How do you know so much?", the old priest said.

"I...I do alot of research about these things."

"So the vamp you killed wasn't the Master?", Jack said.

"No, it was his fledgling."

"Shit! So what's this one's power?"

"Well, I think it's speed."

"Aww fuck!!!", Jack said.

"Dear, of all the Masters, which is the most powerful?"

"Well, I know for sure that the weakest is the Master of speed. What could be considered the most powerful is the Master with the power to walk in the sun."

"WHAT?!?! There's a vamp that can walk in the sun?!?!", Jack shouted.

"Keep your voice down Jack.", the priest said.

"Well, anyway, yes there is. But thankfully I have heard of no one who she has passed her power onto."

"Damn! How can we find her? Plus she'll be near impossible to beat.", Jack said.

"True.", the priest said.

All of a sudden, the sound of a crash echoed through the room as the floor shook. Everyone was knocked off their feet..

"What the fuck was that?!?!?!", Jack shouted.

"I don't know!", Cassandra shouted.

All of a sudden, a young man wearing a black priest robes ran into the room. He had short blond hair with bangs and deep green eyes.

"Father we are under attack!", he said.

"Who is it Joseph?!", the old priest said.

"A Master!"


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