I scream, I scream,

On this gentle night,

I bow forward to the oath I took,

As heaven's star shines,

It glows on my very own pale face,

On my knees,

I dream, I dream,

For Cupid's arrow struck me,

And I am worthy of love's slave,

For it is piteous,

But over thrown into sweet joy,

An amorous endured time,

The affection I sown to you,

My precious rose, an angel,

Sent to me, leaning on fate,

As summer sprung one surpassing year,

The bond quickened, we entwined,

And as time escaped,

I loved only but thee,

My heart set on you, conjured by sycamore trees,

Of a sickness I could not repair,

I lay with you,

Your warm arms wrapped tightly,

Cozy paradise in your locked embrace,

I lose myself in your grasp,

Feeling your hot breath plaster me,

Your tasteful ambrosia lips,

Locking with my own, a last time,

And now we part, but not forever goodbye,

I wait in my residence for you,

Screaming once, and you shall return,

To feel the kiss, breathing it with you,

Come to me oh lover,

I love you, my whicker, for you, burns.

January 30,2003