The hate and love contrasted,
That I feel for you the ghost,
Has altered into bitter emotions,
As the evil aspect of you,
Is only a fading illusion,
Are you human or only a manifesto?
I gave birth to the dream of you,
And now you have ceased,
You're only dust and bones,
Shattered into my nightmares,
Sifting through my numbed heart,
To you I confided,
But I witheld my trust,
For I knew you were artificial,
Only created in my head,
I attempt to thrash away the thoughts,
Dead to the core of your black heart,
I had the brutal nightmare,
A vision of you living in my mirror,
Haunting my every step,
My awaken at midnight,
As you hold the axe and wait for me,
I recede to the mirror,
Your reflection stinging my eyes,
Your axe obligating through,
From the other unkown dimension,
Clawing at my torn chest,
Mutilating my insides within,
And I die of terror,
Your awful face glowing sinister,
Like an inferno creature,
But now I wake up into darkness,
You killed my dreadful existing soul,
But it's only a toll,
Repelling in my mind,
Until you are demolished,
Leave me be, preserving on my own,
For you are the nightmare.

January 23rd, 2003