The Diamond in the Tree

Kimberly Michaels looked over her stylish sunglasses. "Hello, what are you waiting for? Dayne said he wanted that cargo moved." nobody moved, they just stood there. "Well? What are you waiting for? Get a move on!" just one more minute of silence to make sure she was done talking when the whole stage went into movement. Kimberly smiled at her accomplishment. Alice, her manager, told her that the most respect came out of fear and all important people need respect.

"Kimberly!" said a voice behind her. It was Dayne, the producer of 'Crying Out Loud', the movie she was in. "just the person I was looking for!"he glanced at all the working hands before he came up to her. "Great job you did there. They tend to dawdle don't they? Rather annoying, huh?" Anyways, I wanted to talk to you about some of the lines. When Dayle is dead, look like you care. He was your best friend for crying out loud!" she nodded.

"They thing is Dayne, why do I like him in the first place? He's stupid, and so is Eryle." she protested. Eryle was the actor who playes the poor French American girl Anna's best friend. But neither the actor nor the character were very smart in Kimberly's opinion, and he always slowed down the rehearsals by stuttering over his lines. Besides the only reason he was even in 'Crying Out Loud' in the first place was because his parents paid and threatened Dayne into letting him in it. It would be out a lot later at this rate. He still hadn't done anything right and they had been doing it for a year now. She, however was starting to get it perfect every time.

The young movie producer sighed. This girl was tough, he knew that, that was one of the main reasons she was chosen for a lead, but she was also very critical of people in lower places than her. Unless, of course, they were fans. He knew one way to reach her. He had worked with her quite a few times and this always worked.

"Pretend it's your father, when he died. You were right there, right?" the young girl nodded. "Then pretend Eryle is your father. I know you can do it. When you put your head in it, you're the best actress there is." Kimberly nodded. Once again she was taken in by his words. He always seemed to be able to say the right things at the right time.

"Dayne!" yelled a very stressed out co-producer. "We need to run it again, the boy says he'll get it right this time. Dayne rolled his eyes.

"Not likely, unless he's been practicing extra." said Dayne darkly.

"Probably not even then." said the co-producer sadly. "This movie's great! Just one problem, Eryle." While they continued talking, Kimberly noticed something. It was Eryle, watching them from behind the wall. Her eyes widened.

"Um, John, Dayne." she said tugging on Dayne's sleeve.

"Not now Kimmy." he said ignoring her.

"But Eryle!"

"Not now!" said said Dayne obviously distracted.

"Oh my lord." said John under his breath. It was too late, though. Eryle had heard them.

Eryle had always been sensitive, but never smart, and he was really stuck up. Especially to girls. For some reason he was always stuck up to females. In that way he was really old fashioned, he probably got it from his grandfather whom he was always talking about.

"Look what you've done now said Kimberly exasperated. "I'll go look for him." when When she realized what she was volunteering to do she groaned. "Oh man." she said under her breath. "I guess I have to go." she muttered to herself.

Kimberly tiptoed quietly, for if he heard her the purpose would be lost. Her first guess was the set, there were plenty of places to hide there and she knew them all. Kimberly looked carefully but she couldn't find him. She was walking around a prop forest when she saw something glimmer in the tree and it looked awfully familiar.

"My earing!" she exclaimed. "I've been looking for that for ages!" Kimberly shook the tree from the trunk and the diamond earing came tumbling out of the and the dimond earing came tumbling out of the tree. Kimberly grinned as she stashed it in her pocket.

But she wasn't on the set anymore.