"You Don't Understand...There's Nothing On Katherine Renee's Mind"
Good morning beautiful,
How are you,
And how was your day?
Are you feeling,
Quite normal?
Or is it that same cliche?

You're always so,
So sad,
And you blame it all on your dad.
Have you ever heard,
Of being proactive?

It's time to take responsibility,
To bring both of us that tasty tranquility.
The feeling we clamor for,
From the ceiling to the floor,
That feeling we have both,
Come to love.

Or is it too much to ask?
I wish you'd put down the flask.
Please, dear,
Just pay attention.

It's time to have a talk,
Time to discuss our feelings.
It's time to go on a walk,
And talk about how it used to be.

Remember those days,
When we used to taste each other?
The feeling you couldn't stop,
Always asking for one last drop,
Of that beautiful,
Becoming love,
We used to share?

Well, the buck stops here,
I'm afraid it's time to go.
We're no longer the same people,
Did you hear?
Did you know?

Times change,
People change,
Your mother,
She is,
Quite deranged.

The change is constant,
That change is quite deranged.
The feeling's constant,
That feeling's quite deranged.

But one thing,
My dear,
Remained unchanged through the years.

And that is,
The adoration I hold,
Towards you,
The story has been told,
It's just too bad it's time to go now.