Love in Disaster: Damien and Kellan

It's all about the sex. It always is. Good sex makes a good relationship, and bad sex makes fickle lovers. Fidelity is only a good concept for a relationship if a person can handle themselves well in the sack. And, of course, the final rule of any relationship is that the only good reason to not have sex, or to pause in the midst of sex, is because the world was ending, or you were being interrupted by a herd of rhinoceros.

Neither of those reason applied to why Damien Carell was lying naked in his bed next to the best lover of his life…playing twenty questions.

"Favorite ice cream?" Chocolate. "Topping?" Hot fudge. "Bowl or cone?" Cone. "Sugar, waffle, or cake?" Waffle. "Pickles and peanut butter?" No. "Bananas and peanut butter?" No. "Not even if I made it myself?" Maybe.

Up until a few months prior to the sexless, inquisitive night, Damien had been something of a campus whore. He liked sex, with any one, and he only went back for seconds if the experience had been extremely good. Which was why he'd let Kellan pick him up more than once from a party. Kellan was -hot-, and hung, both of which were major bonuses in Damien's opinion, and the man knew how to use what he had.

Then things had changed… Kellan had stopped partying, and Damien had noted his absence, since he had left with Kellan from the six previous parties. It had taken him three weeks to track the man down and another to convince him to actually spare the time to talk about why he hadn't been partying. Kellan had been extremely stubborn about keeping it to himself, but Damien had persisted, and finally the truth had come out.

Surprised, Damien had let Kellan walk away. Kellan had expected him to take it badly, and so Damien had managed to surprise him by refusing to let him get too far away.

"It doesn't matter!" he had said, reaching for Kellan's hands, feeling his heart twist at the stunned expression in Kellan's brown eyes.

"'Doesn't matter?' Are you insane? Of course it 'matters', Damien! It's a lot more fucking important than getting laid! Go fuck someone else and leave me the hell alone!"

Except that Damien hadn't been able to. Sure, he'd gone to parties, but he couldn't find it in himself to accept any of the offers that passed by his way, and finally succumbed to the fear and went to the clinic…

He had returned to Kellan two weeks after he'd left the man, two weeks after he'd been told off. At first, he'd been angry. So angry that that 'stupid bastard' could do such a thing to him. The anger had made him cold, and he'd planned on calling Kellan out in the middle of the restaurant he worked in, but he hadn't been able to.

He'd walked in and Kellan had looked up, his features twisting as he read the anger for what it was, and then Damien had seen the sadness and the pain before he'd turned away. Damien would have been even angrier, since it was obvious that Kellan expected some sort of abuse for what he'd done and in that moment, he felt it was deserved, but when Damien finally faced Kellan, all he could do was break down, wrap his arms around Kellan, and cry.

"I'm so sorry," Damien whispered, surprising them both further with the words. He knew them to be true, though, and he repeated them again. "I'm sorry." For everything. For the pain they both shared and the future they both had to look ahead to. For having been angry and for wanting to blame him.

Kellan had hugged him back, tears slipping down his own face. "I didn't know, I swear," his voice was thick with his tears.

Damien had shaken his head against Kellan's shoulder. "It doesn't matter."

Of course it did. It always matters, but Kellan didn't contradict him, simply held on tighter in their shared comfort and misery.

And that is how Damien ended up with a sex-god in his bed, playing twenty questions instead of scrumping like rabbits, and feeling none the worse for having it be just the way it was. Life was funny that way. Up until he'd met Kellan, the sex hadn't been that great, and now that he knew he could touch heaven every night, the sex wasn't that important.

"Of course it 'matters!'"

There were things more important than sex, like living and learning to live a rather sexless life with a sex-god. It was the sex that had gotten them into trouble, and it was the reason they'd never feel the same way about the act that they once had.

No longer was it a gratuitous act to be had with the nearest good-looking body. No longer was it stress relief and an ice-breaker in one. It had taken on new shape and meaning. Such a simple thing, sex. The body's natural ability to express it's attraction. The animal instinct of spreading seed and propagating.

"It's not the same, Kel," Damien had pouted one night, curled up in a chair, a book forgotten on his lap. Kellan had looked up from finishing his homework, brown eyes expressing surprise at the sudden interruption of his studies.

"What's not the same?" the other man had asked, tilting his head.

"The sex." Ah, yes. The sex.

Kellan had sighed. "You noticed, too?" There had been the slightest hint of a smile about his lips, and a hint of uncertainty in his eyes.

Damien had laughed, stood up, and crossed to kneel on the floor at Kellan's feet. "Noticed?" He had grinned. "Gods, babe, I thought you were good before, and I've always thought it got dull with one person after a while."

Kellan had grinned in return, his teeth flashing in the moment before he leaned down and kissed Damien. "Surprise."

"Favorite position?" None. "What?" I can't pick a favorite when I like them all. "Lech. Favorite toy?" Sexual or non? "Either, Day." The plug.

With sex being the last thing either young man had wanted, from anyone or each other, friendship had blossomed, and from friendship, courtship. Love had sprung from their unlikely connection, and since they already shared similar futures physically, they also decided to bond together emotionally and spiritually. Damien's apartment was given up in favor of Kellan's, and the two exchanged vows and rings with each other in an unofficial ceremony.

While growing old together might no longer be an option, the two were devoted to being together for as long as their lives allowed. Whatever the future held would be faced together.

"Favorite body part of yours?" Hands. "Favorite body part of mine?" Do I really have to answer that. "Do you want to get laid again this month?" Ears.

Damien smiled at the sound of Kellan's laughter. "What's so funny about that?"

"My ears, Day? Come on! I know how fond you are of the rest of me," Kellan retorted, laughing. He ran an idle hand up Damien's chest, brown eyes amused where they rested on his lover.

"I like your ears. If your dick shriveled up and fell off, I'd still love you."

Kellan laughed again and rolled onto his back. "That's great. Does that mean if my ears shriveled up and fell of, you'd stop loving me?"

"Kel," the word was sighed out as Damien rolled onto his side and leaned over him. "Love, I'd love you if you had no ears and no dick. I'd love you if you were bald, or fat, or hairy, or-" he was cut off by Kellan leaning up and kissing him. Point taken, Damien didn't resume when the kiss broke apart.

"Favorite band?"

"It's a lot more fucking important than getting laid!"

With an unknown amount of time left, trying to learn everything about a lover took precedence over sex.


Author notes: I wrote this in about an hour…maybe less. I was RP-ing smut online, and I got done and opened a window and started to type…Damien and Kellan were born.

This is the beginning of short ficlets, but this one is over and you can go on to something else now. ^_^ I won't explain the things I left unsaid, because… well… I don't think it needs to be said. Draw your own conclusions. ^_^