The Hot's Cold

She was one of those
Wierd kind of girls,
maybe she thought being bad's gonna
be the solution,
So she kinds lost the notion
Went on and lied
But she turned out to be
The worst of a kind.

R: You bitch , you ain't alright,
You bitch ,why'd you lied ?
Worst of a kind, worst of a kind
You bitch you ain't alright.

She used to be
A pretty nice one
And things got a little twisted
In their group of friends,
Got out of the normal list,
Kinda desgusting
Things didn't turned out(backgroundvoice : in his bed)
As she wished.


Next thing she knew
She was sleeping around,
Next thing ,next thing,
She was getthing high
next thing she knew
She woke up in a hospital
With cuts and bruises
She didn't knew from where she'd got.


Too proud to sak for help,
Next thing we knew,
She has a rope around her neck,
Too sad to know she's got a child inside
From a father she'd never want
Too bad, too selfih and too mad
She can't see she can get back to being allright,
She says she is...
She can't , she can't,
Too damaged to go back,
Next thing she knows
She has a rope around the neck.