Here's the wall that keeps us separated . seems as though that everything is so serrated like running in to an invisible wall. and then turning to walk down the long hall

running far away never being able to face my fears facing the everything that is considered nothing seems as if I'll never be able to do anything well enough [1] never do anything well enough

looking through the two way mirror examining your face with fear that I might never be there and hoping that I can get through just to be safe enough that I won't lose everything I've gained

running far away always trying to step back imagining what was never there and it seems as though I were plotting my own demise

and it seems as though everything would be too much to ask for so I have to shot for the moon and if I miss at least I know I'll be in the stars but even though I'll try I've got everything and nothing to lose it's as if your plotting me own demise ----------------------- [1]