So many things I ask for,
So many things I love,
So many things I would die for,
So many gifts from above.
Yet why am I always stopped?
Always put down?
Always crushed?
When all I really want to do,
Is do the things I love.
Why must you keep me,
From the fire that keeps me alive?
Why must you always beat me?
Why can't you ever settle for a tie?
You make me feel as if,
I can never be worthy of winning.
Inside, you make me pour out my tears,
And make my head continue spinning.
What hope is there for me?
When I'll always be pushed into the shadows?
What light is left in my darkness?
To keep me from falling apart?
I know I can do something,
But you make me feel as if,
I can't do ANYTHING.
After I've struggled and fought,
For what I want.
Will you ever come to realize,
That your pain in my joy is wrong?
Or will you just sit there laughing at me,
Until all I ever lived for is gone?

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