By:Andrew Troy KeIler

My name is Jonathan Speck and I've been a homicide detective for the Cleveland Police Department for seven years,before I had moved to the city of Chicago and opened up a comic book store.

And during those days on the Cleveland Police Force,only one case still stands out in my mind--the case of the Calander Man,a brutal serial killer who has sucessfully murdered each of his victims on each day of each week of each year.

And on each of the victims,there was no piece of jewelry to be found,for that savage piece of garbage had stolen the jewelry and kept them as trophies of his latest hunts.

But then,on a Tuesday in August,after I had overheard about how one of my fellow detectives had solved a homicide case by following his main suspect into a pawn shop,it had suddenly dawned on me that if the Calender Man was in need of some quick cash,he would go into a nearby pawn shop and try to hock the stolen ice--and that was how I had planned to get my handcuffs on that psycho.

The next day,after I had gotten myself some breakfast from the local Mickey-dee's,I had drove to Morty's Buy and Sell,which was a few blocks away from where the Calender Man had murdered his last victim--and waited for that piece of psycho trash to show up.

Surprisingly enough,a couple of minutes later,a gangly looking man had walked past me,looked for any signs of one of our patrol cars showing up and walked into the pawn shop.

After I had finally finished my orange juice,I had gotten out of my car and walked into the pawn shop.

Once inside the shop,I had overheard the gangly man laughing his head off and bragging to the shop's owner about how he had sexually abused and murdered all of his victims a snatched their jewelry for some quick cash.

At that moment,I was convinced that I had finally found the Calender Man.

And with that,I had walked over to that nutburger,took out my badge and introduced myself as a police officer.

But after I've done that,that piece of slime had lifted up an old table,shoved it towards me and ran very fast out of the pawn shop.

After I was finally able to move the table out of my way and ran after him,that sick scumbag was already gone.

As soon as I had gotten back to the office,I was so upset that I had almost smashed my favorite coffee mug on the floor.

But before that had happened,a fellow homicide detective named Victoria Logan had grabbed my arm,told me to calm down and suggested a new way of catching that sick piece of sewer trash.

The following evening,Victoria was standing on a street corner dressed as a hooker and waiting for the Calender Man to show his ugly face.

About a minute or two later,that piece of street crud had shown up,took a good look at Victoria and let out a really sinister smile.

And then,after he had walked up to Victoria,pulled out a very nasty looking switchblade and forced her into a nearby alley.

After he had forced her into the alley,I've had gotten out of my car,pulled my gun out of it's holster and ran across the street to the alley.

As soon as I had ran into the alley and discovered that the psycho piece of slime was about to use his blade to force Victoria to have sex with him,I had aimed my gun at him and yelled,"HALT!POLICE!"

But instead of surrendering,he had raised his blade,screamed his lungs out and charged right towards me.

That was when I had opened fire and done the whole world a favor by sending a serial killer known as the Calender Man straight to his grave.

Now of course,the rest of the city of Cleveland was able to breathe a sigh of relief,but even though I had ended that terror,I was unable to stop feeling sorry for the guy named Stanley Dutton,the guy who was also known as the Calender Man.