Sixteen-year-old Sapphire Welsh sat in her kitchen eating a bowl of serial twirling her short red hair nervously. Her green eyes were glancing over a letter that recently had arrived in the mail. As her fingers moved over the paper blood smeared.

'Dear Miss Sapphire Welsh.'.


'You and five other individuals have been chosen..'

Trent Phillips glanced away from the letter to cautiously watch his step mother walk by. She quickly stopped and flashed Trent a seductive smile, "Good morning, dear."

Trent narrowed his eyes, "Leave me be, Shannon."

The woman moved toward him and said, "What's wrong, love?" She delicately messed with his spiky black hair. He glared at her with his brown eyes.

"Get off of me, whore," Trent yelled as he stood up with the letter in hand and retreated to safe grounds.

Once outside he began reading the letter again.

'You and five other individuals have been chosen to.'


'..stay the summer together in a secluded cabin.'

Isabella Larson's gray eyes widened as a large smile appeared on her tanned face.

"Missy!" She cried out in a British accent.

A woman, who stood behind her continued to tend to Isabella's lightly brown hair. Once her name was called she said automatically, "Yes, madam?"

"This is the perfect chance! I can finally be freed of this house," Isabella waved the letter wildly in front of her.

"Bella dear, why must you complain? You live in a big house with money and servants," Missy rolled her eyes.

"I have never been out in the world though," Bella argued.

Maybe that will change, Bella thought hopefully.


Ryan Anderson let out a laugh as he dismissed the letter. He crumpled up the paper and tossed it into a near by garbage can. He grabbed his leather jacket off of his motorcycle and put it on. He shook his head in amusement causing his long blonde hair to fall in his face.

"Like I'm going to spend my summer with a bunch of losers," He laughed as his blue eyes caught someone coming towards him.

The figure of his best friend, Richey soon stood beside him, "Ryan? What the hell did you do?"

"What do you mean?" Ryan cocked an eyebrow in confusion.

"The cops are looking for you, man. They came to my house saying you've been dealing," Richey looked Ryan over in shock.

Ryan looked completely horrified, "Dealing? As in drugs? I swear I didn't!"

"If I were you I'd get out of here," Richey suggested.

Ryan walked over to a garbage can and pulled out the letter, "That's just what I'll do."


Laurel Lewis tore apart the picture of her ex boyfriend, Jason. Tears filled her eyes as she felt herself tear apart their four-year relationship.

She glanced into the mirror and used her shaky fingers to fix the now smeared eyeliner that surrounded her blood shot hazel eyes. Her long blonde curly hair didn't look too good either.

She merely shrugged and turned to the mail her mother had set upon her dresser. On top of the pile of mail was a letter from not the usual mail senders such as Granny or her best friend. She tore it open and began to read.

'Included are the directions specifically made for each individual. Pack appropriately for there will be three boys and three girls.'


'Sincerely yours, Damian Oz'

Owen Tyler nodded and said simply, "That's cool."

He walked out of his bedroom and called out, "Hey Dad! Can I spend the summer with a group of strangers?"

His dad sat in the living room interviewing potential secretaries. He replied distractedly, "Sure Owen, that sounds fine!"

Owen couldn't help but grin as he muttered, "Good ol' dad."