A Little Author's Note (or notes):

No, I didn't name this poem after myself, in fact I wrote this poem long before I came up with this pen name...

Some of you may find this poem elementary-I wrote this very sincerely and if you think it's simple, then, so am I. For those of you who find that you absolutely hate it, can you please tell what I'm doing wrong and give me some pointers. For those who cannot-I will except all critism, but I will not rewrite this poem...I like originality. Well that's all I gotta say-enjoy!

Black Butterfly

The sun is setting low

And the moon is rising high

That is all there is to know

Thought the black butterfly

The trees are silently waiting

For the chance to live and die

You cannot stop breath from fading

Whispered the black butterfly

The day is no more

And the night is soon to fly

Let it be as it was before

Said the black butterfly

The stars are fading away

The clouds begin to cry

It must not be this way

Cried the black butterfly

Darkness slowly falls

The wind sadly sighs

Without a warning call

So dies the Black Butterfly