To Alice

Word from the author: This is a purely fictional and made up story by ME! Under no circumstances may ANYONE copy/ steal/ take/ reproduce any part of this story without my thorough permission first!

Chapter 1

" WAHHHH!!!!"

"Madam it's a girl!"

" Mum! It's a girl! I have another sister!" Alice was really excited and happy. Alice now has a new baby sister and just the thought brings her happiness and joy. Alice was born into a rich and powerful family and since she was born, riches of many different kinds surrounded her. Alice didn't go bragging about how her family is so rich like her two sisters, Rosanna, her elder sister and Rose, her younger sister. Instead, she wasn't proud of her family at all, in fact, she wanted to leave but she told no one of this.

" Again! Mary, this has been the fourth time you've given me a girl! No girls, Mary! I wan't a boy, A BOY!" Alice's father flushed red with anger, his broad frame towered over Mary's frail body, like a mountain shadowing the hills beside it.

This was part of the reason why Alice wanted to leave. Her father had always wanted a boy to carry on the family line. To him, girls are useless and he needed a boy to inherit his estates. Alice thought this was really unfair. The other reason why she wanted to leave was because she didn't have freedom. She has to play with children from the upper - crust of society but Alice wanted to play with the normal kids on the street. Alice couldn't go outside to play just by herself, she always needed a guardian. She felt like a prisoner trapped in a huge castle. No justice. No rights, and most of all, no love.

" Alice! Come and help me prepare for the party tomorrow," Alice's father's deep voice resonated across the hallway, " Even though it's a girl, we still need to celebrate the birth of Gabrielle."


Alice suddenly felt sorry for her father. Somehow that sigh made her have a different perspective of looking at her father.

" Father?"

" Yes, Alice my dear?"

" Father, do you love me?"

" Honey, is there something bothering you?" her father had a baffled look on his face and his forehead slowly creased into a frown.

" Father! Just answer me! Do you love me? Do you father?" tears started to gather under Alice's ocean blue eyes as she tried to keep a steady voice.

" Of course, dear! And what would have made you think I don."

" But why? I'm a girl! I am useless in your eyes!" Alice was now shouting at her father and tears started rolling down her rosy cheeks, as she could no longer hold them back. She knew that she was making a fool of herself infront of everyone and that this may not be the appropriate time to ask of this, but it was terribly important for her to be assured of her parents' love for her.

" Alice, love does not mean boys or girls; it is the feeling from deep inside our hearts. If I have made you think like this for the fourteen years of your life, dear, I would really like to apologise for this misunderstanding of our father - daughter relationship. I am really sorry." At this, her father hugged her really hard and for a second, Alice thought that she'd never want to leave her family, ever.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

That night, Alice was tucked in bed thinking about what had happened a few hours ago. Was it all really just some misunderstanding, thought Alice. Is it just that everybody is not showing how much they really loved her? Was her father telling her the truth? Alice was surrounded by all these questions which she couldn't answer for herself. Tomorrow was the party so Alice thought she really needed a goodnight's sleep as to not get those dark, baggy eyelids under her eyes. Thinking about this, Alice drifted off.