His Eyes Are Alive

Blonde bleached hair
And sky-blue eyes
He's dead , he died in lies,
He's alive but he can't make any sound,
The coffin is down in the cold ground,
And the stone sanctuary is not the place
Where he's bound.

As I rise my eyes and hear a
Scream that's not there,
It only passed an hour,
They pull the stone above his grave down,
And the face of a dead is shown,
He was there for year and years ,
Face rotten and brown ,
But he's wearing the same black suit
In witch he was put down,
Nothing stained, nothing wrong,
He has the same blue eyes he had
When we were singing his funeral song,
But his skin is eaten by worms ,
He turns his head towards the girl
And wants to whisper,as she sits to listen,
But his tongue is nothing but crisp,
Hands on the chest holding on tight,
He has something to say,
But we don't know what ,
How come he is like this ,
It's only been an hour since he'd died,
He's dead
But still alive.