Gates Of Silence Under Yellow Neon Light

Acid rain,
Lonely street with one neon on,
The wind blows
Turns love declarations into stardust,
Lonely shadow passes on the paved street,
Another soul that's lost ,
Yellow neon light,
Another penance for no fault
Fading out of sight,
He sits on the bench in the middle of the night
The rose in his hand
Falling in mirror-water
Witch , tough , doesen't reflect any light.

Pendulum swings,
But no hours are there,
Zero hour stays forever
And another soul passes near the neon lost,
A young girl dressed in black leather,
Not here to judge or be judged,
It's the place she finally found
To rest and be left alone
After she threw her body in the pound,
Acid rain pouring down,
No sun, no light ,forever
And someone passing by crying silently
A bloody faced clown,
Under the yellow neon lights
They rest quiet
No one ever fights,
It's just the quiet's dance,
here at the invisible gates of Silence.