Turn The Lights Down

She gets in their arms,
Like she
Always does,
Henever wants to please her
But he...always does,
They always ask her if she's around
She says yes and laughs
Like she always does
But what's going on inside her heart,
No one ever knows.

R: Turn the lights down,
Because she never says no,
Turn the lights down,
And she'll barely let you go,
Turn the lights down...Turn the lights down...

She comes with a smile
Like she
Always should,
Because she's in Hollywood.
She always gets to please them
Like she always should,
But they never get to keep her,
Because she's a prostitute ( yes I do sing these kind of words)

R: repeat x1

And she talks
With a smile,
Like she always does,
And they always try to please her
Because she's got something
No one does,
But if she really wants it
No one ever knows.

R: x2