This was the second thing she expected when she first stepped out of the bus.The first one was being robbed or raped on a dark alley.

She knew this was what she's gonna get if not the first one.In a wierd twisted, demented way, she probably came here for this exact reason.

She came just for a year,after that year ,she would be far from an abusive father and trouble ,so far , no one will ever reach her.

She was walking now on the halls of the Majestic Hotel , all dressed in black,the latex knee-length boots shining in twists of

light along with the black leather dress conturing her body.She was not fat , not thin, just average or maybe a bit chubby ,

tough she knew that it probably was nothing but her bra size that lured him to her.

Black short bangs were falling on her forehead as she licked her lower lip covered with a dark brown lipstick.

She was sultry , yet classy.Fit for anyone.

She always choosed her own prey.Or clients, whatever.

She was no cheap one, she never was , casinos , select clubs ,parties,she was there,pointing the finger at the chosen one.

She knew she was not special,many others looked ten times better than she did,but she knew she had 'something'

.And she used it.

He opened the door for her and flicked one yellow light on.

Outside, the lights of Hollywood were dancing along with the noise on the streets.

He threw his black coat on the bed, left with only his white shirt and the black tie, and sat somewhere in dim light on the armchair.

He knew she didn't liked the lights on,why did he switched them on then ?

"Turn the lighs down." He said.

His voice was soft , never rough or sultry.No matter what he said he was saying it soft.Maybe that's why she liked him so much.

She flicked the switch.

She put the music on,Madonna's voice flowing trough the room with her 'Hollywood' ,and her hips started to dance along, as her hands started to yonder around,

her fingers 'accidentally' lifting the dress from time to time. Not much to be perverted, but enough to tempt .

His name was Steven.probably not his real one but she didn't quite cared.

She unzipped slowly the black jacket and let it fall on the floor,as her muscular arms were revealed and a small black tattoo in

the middle of her palm.She was in a club so she didn't had to wear satin gloves or long casual dresses.

The dress was one piece.

She swinged her hips once again and her hands flew slowly in the air ,then,even slower on her neck,chest and back on the hips.

He was about 28 ,she once heard something about a girlfirend,she felt a bit jealous.Black hair gelled on the back,

along with a pair of dashing black eyes.Another bussinessman in Hollywood.

She closed her eyes and parted her lips, just a bit,she frowned for a second , her mouth opening slowly,

and closing again,tempting.

Afterwards , as the song started to play again she opened her eyes and started to catwalk towards

Steven , and as she reached him , she put her hands on the armchair, right above his shoulders and parted her legs so she could get up on him.

Dashing black eyes.

He had a grin on his face witch , tough it was not as evil as it was dreamy and gorgeous.

She was wondering why he got her when he could of had any other in the room.Three months was quite some time.

She felt his hands on her hips , as he rose a bit towards her and kissed her.He was the only one she allowed to do that.

Because he was her favorite.

She threw his tie somewhere in the room and opened his shirt , as he continued with the kiss,his lips so soft

,and his tongue with a faded taste of cigars and gin.


She was staying in the toiled of the club , a deserted one as everyone started to leave from the club ,

her back leaned against the dirty wall, the cement cold under her,smoking a cigar ,her boots on and legs a bit spread,her jacket on a sink from witch water kept falling over the edge.

Not like anyone would be there to bother her.

The water reached the heels of her boots as she put the white dust in the vodka-filled glass.

A neon was blinking nervously , with a faded reflection in the dirty mirror.

By the time the water reached her dress,she drank the glass from one sip

,taking afterwards the last cigar in her pack and lghting it.

Turn the lights down....

Next morning they found her laying in the dirty water in the bathroom,lifeless,with the leftovers of a cigar and a black jacket soaked with water

in a over-filled sink.

Drugs and sleeping pills overdose mixed with alcohol.

Steven Lloyd was just stepping in the club when he saw the police lurking around the toilet.

He whispered his name to everyone that tried to push him away as he noticed the glimpse of a pair of latex boots,

and they all backed away from the Warcraft Industries boss.

The young woman was just laying there ,as a man dressed in a suit was taking pictures of her an another was checking her wallet and ID's.

The brown water soaked his shoes , as he stepped into the toilet , people not minding him,he was just staring at her blankly.

Her face was white and her makeup was dripping a bit , just a bit , as if she had cried,the lipstick was missing,instead - a pair of purple lips.

The water was so cold it made her look almost transparent, every vine on her hands was visible

.Tough , her 'smoething was not gone...

They would of comment , but they kept their mouths shut as the young man kneeled in the water

and placed his hands on her back of the head , the left one on her face and his lips on the dead woman's purple ones.

It lasted just a couple of seconds,and he parted,with the same frozen and dull look on his face,betraying no emotion,taking his coat off and throwing it on his back ,

walking away with water dripping off his black pants.

Behind he heard the policemen's voices,people that were gathering around,flashes and steps.

He didn't looked back, and as he walked further and further, he threw the silver ring he had in his pocket on the club's floor.

Turn the lights down....