I can't explain it
I can't maintain it
This fire that rises inside
They say you can run
But you can't hide
How do you run from what you feel inside?
Why are we afraid of desire?
Why must we try to put out the fire?
Why do we try to block
These feelings that make our hearts stop?
We don't want to cry
So we don't bother to try
And make it work
We go berserk
As we get lonelier by the day
That fear we had fades away
We give in
We let them win
Our hearts
As we fall in love
We know things will change
We get treated like never before
Not treated like another dumb whore
The chance to shine
See the real person inside
Have worth
Do not step down
We will not be put down
We are more then what they see
You will never take control of me
I will be whatever you want me to be
But god damn I'm going to be free