This story is going to replace my previous one cos it's much better! Sorry for it's shortness, though.


A towering, eerie mansion adjacent to my home, a farm. Black stone walls, dust covered windows, rotting wooden door, a tall blood-red roof. You could just imagine a spectre or something just as terrifying calling that fear-inspiring manor home. I was obsessed with that mansion. I HAD to explore it and see what was lurking within. I heard stories of many people entering that mansion and leaving, too afraid to say a word.

Hello there. I don't believe I've introduced myself yet. The name's Travis. Travis the rooster. You read it correctly. I'm a rooster. My responsibility is to crow every morning to ensure everybody on the farm views the brilliant rays of the morning sun. Anyway, enough about this. This story is about me actually deciding to visit that ghoulish chateau. Surprise, surprise, it was haunted...

The beginning of this tale takes place on Hallowe'en, after the sun began to set. I thought that NOW would be the perfect time to venture into the house of my obsessions. The farmer had sold a lot of pumpkin pie during the day and now had decided to go to bed and leave a bowl of confectionery out for the trick-or-treaters that may come round. Yes. Now to finally get round to visiting that mansion.

I walked towards it slowly with a feeling of trepidation in my heart. What was in the house? Was it haunted? Should I have strayed off? I climbed up the stone steps towards the door. Woodworm crawling over it. I felt now would be the time for a pleasant snack. After a few woodworm, I pushed the door open with my foot, and it slowly creaked open. I entered and the door rapidly closed, leaving me in pitch darkness. A deep, booming laugh echoed through the halls. I trembled and could barely move. Two huge red glowing angry-looking eyes viewed me and disappeared. I now felt like running away in extreme fear. Strangely, when I did, the lights came back on so I broke one of the dust-covered windows and rushed back to the farm.

After crowing, I pondered on what that thing in the haunted house was. Was it a ghost? Or was it something worse? I knew that tonight I had to go back into the mansion and confront whatever that creature was.

That night, I marched towards the house, trying to overcome the dread I was now feeling. I soon accomplished that and now a power of confidence had overtaken me. I pushed upon the door once more and entered the foyer. This time the lights didn't go out. Instead I heard a faint 'Hello'. It wasn't an evil laugh, but I was still a little frightened by it. Then the apparition appeared.

The spirit I faced looked like a gauzy Grim Reaper with a grey hooded robe and rusty chains wrapped around him. His head was a decaying skull with glowing red eyes and his hands were skeletal as well. His ancient bony claws reached out for me. Was this my time? Was I going to die? I was grabbed and was held up towards the eyes of the spectre.

"I've been waiting for somebody like you to come around." he told me in a gruff voice, "You actually had the courage to venture into this house again. When I did that big scary show, I was testing your courage. I want you to see something."

He took up the grand staircase. All over the hall were portraits of melancholy humans, flickering candles, suits of armour caked with dust, wallpaper peeling off the walls, it was a ghosts dream house. The undead creature opened a door and there was another ghost. This one was different though. This phantom was a beautiful, attractive hen, glowing with a spectral blue. She floated up towards me and stared into my eyes, trying to seduce me.

"Hello, I'm Travis."I greeted the blue ghostly chicken.

"This is Laura."the grey cowelled stranger explained, "She lived a life without love, and after she died and became a ghost, she was saddened because there was no chance a mortal chicken would have any relations with her. Now she has stayed here with me until she gets her wish granted. I promised her it would be."

"And now that you're here," Laura continued, "I will finally know what it feels like to love. I've longed for that feeling all my life, and some of my time as a ghost."

"So you think we should..." I asked.

"That's what I want." she answered.

The mysterious grey phantasm took us downstairs to the mansions dining room, as antiquated and cobwebbed as all of the other rooms I had seen that night. Both me and Laura were at a table covered with a ruined white tablecloth and a candlabra as the centerpiece. The grey spectre brought us some chicken feed on a plate and played a romantic song on a violin. I was surprised as to how a ghost could eat solid food but I saw it right in front of my eyes.

The next part of our romantic evening wasa dance. The mansion had a gigantic ballroom in which you could fit an elephant. Promptly, an invisible orchestra was playing the music we danced to. At this point, I felt quite close to Laura. Was I feeling love? Was I actually in love with a spirit from beyond the grave?

After the dance, we went outside to look at the picturesque view at night. The full moon shone like a stagelight in the sky and the stars were like small angels giving off their light and hope.

"Have you ever longed to love?" Laura questioned.

"I've occasionally asked myself what it was like to." was my reply.

"I've been a restless spirit stranded on this earth because of this love deprivation."

I put my wing over her shoulder.

"I used to think I couldn't love." I told her, "Not to mention the fact I didn't believe in ghosts at that time. I thought that neither of them was something I would ever meet with. I didn't know what either of them were. But this experience has shown me that both of them exist."

"Don't you think you're being a bit mushy there?" Laura asked, "Because I've never known a man who was as mushy as you."

"I would like to kiss you but neither of us have any lips." I explained.

"We could open our beaks and touch each other while hugging." she suggested. So we did just that.

"I'd like you to come with me." she told me.

"Where to?" I questioned.

"My destiny has been fulfilled. It is now time for me to enter the afterlife."

"But what about my home. My crowing duties and all of the other chickens..."

Laura bowed her head down in disappointment.

"On the other hand, I'll be making you happy and if I think we're going where I think we're going, I'll propably be happy. We'll both be happy for a long time to come." Laura gave a loud cheer of delight and threw her arms around me. Suddenly, a light beam from the sky made night look like day. Both of us were ascending into a world of delight which Laura had always been waiting for. While the light beam caught us, the reaper-like ghoul stood there viewing it all.

"I've done a pretty good job here today." he told himself. His job was to help spirits of the dead who were too restless to enter the afterlife. He did his job and he did it right.