You've been the shelter

Keeping me from the storm

You've been the starlight

Leading the way

You've been the blanket

Keeping me warm

And you've been the tears

Waiting for another day

It's the chills that let me know

How long you'll really care

And your gentle caress

That lets me know you're there

When times get really tough

I know you'll protect me

When I jump from the sky

I know we'll both be free

You've been the heartache

Numbing my mind

You've been the demons

That burrow inside

You've taken for granted

The meaning of kind

You've started to kill

My essence inside

But one day I'll forgive you

You'll let me out of captivity

Cut these chains that bind

Drain me of my sanctity

Its times like these I worry

About the ways of love, true

It allows us to live a dream

Yet makes everything seem blue

You've been kind enough

To show me life

You've been harsh enough

To scare me away

You've been abusive far too long

I wont deal with this strife

You've given me too much anger

I'll be gone, come another day