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"We'll be handing out your new music momentarily, but right now I want you all to think about the hall outside. Before I even get into the normal rules, do NOT touch that wall. A mural is being painted on it soon and if I see one stray pencil mark there will be some major smackdown brought upon him."

The band laughed, as usual, at Mr. Purn's introduction to the first day of band camp.

"And don't any of you forget the first meeting this evening! If I find out you didn't come you KNOW what'll happen," he said atop the podium.

"Smackdown!" someone from the percussion section shouted as everyone laughed.

"Precisely. Now, we all know the new section leaders this year, correct? Listen to them!" he shouted again.

Everyone nodded, several of them grinning, as they were very used to his demands.

He moved off of the podium, signaling everyone could then begin to talk as several officers handed out music to the different sections.

Nicole Trumbler, the first flute section leader, sat silent in her chair, absently pressing the small keys of her piccolo. Several thoughts came to her mind at once. Firstly, why they ever made the walls of Mr. Purn's office back at the school soundproof when the gigantic windows in the front were not, and secondly, who the hell that new drummer was.

She turned her head slightly, though still managing to remain inconspicuous as she quickly searched for the percussionist she had first seen as they had gotten on the busses to leave for camp that morning.

It was said that he had come at the end of last year, but she had not seen him so she did not know whether it was true or not. However, he apparently had such amazing skill with a snare that he had been given one right off the bat his freshman year of high school back where he used to live. Most seniors never even got snares unless they were amazingly talented. Many girls had their eyes on him.

But then everyone also heard that he had only gone out with a girl once, and that no one knew why after that he never dated again.

Nicole saw him quickly, as he stood out quite a bit from the rest of them. His hair was slightly longer than usual and dark brown, his t-shirt displaying some unknown rock band and his jeans baggy and low, giving him somewhat of a cute punk look. She smiled as he unconsciously threw his head back slightly to keep his hair from getting in his eyes, something she had come to admire.

Then she turned and shot a quick glance across the entire band, and saw at least four other girls watching him as well.

Nicole turned back around to examine the new music, knowing it was a hopeless case.


"Just HOW do you know you have no chance?" the other flute section leader, Janet, demanded as they relaxed in their dorm.

"I'll show you tonight. Just watch. He'll say something, which will catch everyone's attention. Then, since he has a range of about 50 feet, he'll just swish his hair and about 10 girls' heads will turn to stare at him. He could have anyone Janet, anyone. Why would he ever like an un-athletic computer nerd who, for band, blows through a tiny metal stick that is not even a foot long. Face it, I'm a LOSER," she complained, dropping the black eyeliner stick she had just been applying and throwing herself on the somewhat hard bed.

The other girl grinned "You know you're not a loser. I bet more guys like you than Mallory Wilson."

She groaned "But he talks to other girls too. In fact he's probably talked to all of them, except me."

"Because you're SHY. Plus every time he looks at you you go all rigid and can't talk," Janet said, laughing.

"Well, not like it's that often he's too busy looking at the others..." she sighed, rolling onto her back.

There was then a knock on the door, and Nicole got up and pulled it open.

"Oh, shit this isn't the one drummer cabin...I could swear I was told it was right next to the clarinet cabin..."

Nicole froze immediately and Janet shook her head slightly, rubbing her forehead with her fingers as though in shame.

"Would you happen to know where it is?" he asked.

She lifted her hand, pointing off in the distance to some random location "I think it's...maybe over by the..." Nicole quickly trailed off as he swished his hair. She shook her head, trying to remember the last thing she'd said "It's uh...I don't really know."

He smiled "Thanks anyway. I'll just wander around until I find it. I hope I don't run into Mr. Purn's cabin..."

She smiled slightly back, though mostly because she had barely heard anything he had just said.

"Well, I'll see you tonight, wish me luck with the cabin-finding," he turned, and walked out towards a random cabin.

She closed the door behind her, her eyes closed as though recalling some horrid memory.

"Nicole, would you happen to realize just how pathetic that was?" Janet commented, grinning.

She opened her eyes, looking both flushed and exhausted "You just can't appreciate hair like that unless you're right...in front of it..." she sighed slightly.

Janet rolled her eyes "If you want him you can't act like that around him. You need to get in there and catch his attention."

"I know, I know..." she took a breath, as though gathering her energy "Ok. I'm going."

Janet jumped up as Nicole reached for the door "What?! Where?"

"To catch his attention."

"Oh, god Nicole don't do anything stupid," she said.

"Don't try to stop me. I suddenly feel like I can do this. Ok, here I go."

Janet sighed, watching her run out in the direction he had disappeared to. There was no way she could do it.

Nicole walked around for a bit, then saw him talking at the door of the trombone cabin, undoubtedly asking where the percussion was supposed to be. Suddenly she realized she didn't have a reason to be here at all.

But before she could think of anything reasonable, he turned and spotted her.

"Hey! Remember where the cabin is?" he asked as he walked up to her.

"Uhh...no not really. I just...needed some fresh air I guess," she replied, amazed that the words were actually coming out somewhat right.

"That's cool. As my uncle always said, fresh air makes a fresh mind. So I take it you play flute?" he asked.

She shook her head "Piccolo."

His eyes lit up slightly "Are you serious? So you're the one I saw this morning when we left with the tiny instrument case stuffed in your purse and the black and pink tank top."

He had actually...noticed her?

"Yeah that was me. You probably caught me at a bad time because earlier I dropped my cd player and thought it'd broken," she said casually.

He laughed slightly, "Oh, no you looked good to me. I was a bit mad too this morning. I forgot my Good Charlotte cd."

She looked up at him, amazed "Man that does suck. You could borrow mine if you want."

He smiled widely, looking almost giddy "Really? You have it? That's awesome I can't wait." He paused a moment, then looked stunned "Oh wow, I just realized I don't know your name."

Mentally she kicked herself for not introducing herself right off the bat.

"Nicole," she said, pulling at a bit of her long brown hair.

"I'm Will. Pleasure to meet you," he replied jokingly, holding his hand out for her to shake.

She stared at it a moment, then raised her hand to his, somehow also managing a smile.

Suddenly, someone from a cabin to their left shouted from the door "Will! I heard you couldn't find the cabin HAHA!"

He turned immediately, laughing "I've never been here before gimme a break!" He turned back to face her for a moment "Thanks for talking."

Nicole nodded "Anytime."

The last thing she heard from the percussion cabin was the crazy band member AJ shouting at Will "Man I haven't seen someone as dumb as you since the cheerleaders put the homecoming sign on the hill by the school two years ago and it toppled right down onto the whole homecoming court..."

For a moment she could not believe what had just happened. Then she realized that it really wasn't that hard to talk to him.

It was almost as if they were already friends.


Nicole tapped the end of her pencil lightly on the desk as she slowly came back to the painfully tedious Calculus class she was currently in, remembering the only interaction between her and Will during the entire two weeks of band camp that summer. She groaned slightly, mostly because she had come back to reality just in time for Mr. Boln to introduce a test in several days.

Luckily, the bell rang just ten seconds later, and everyone immediately shot for the door, hating that their first period class had to be one of the hardest.

She bolted out with all the others, turning the corner and heading towards the guidance counselor's office.

"Hello Miss Trumbler, I never expected to see you second period on the first day of school already. What's the problem?" the pleasant woman seated behind the desk asked as she entered.

"Miss Woods, I had a dream last night and I realized that there is no way Gundrall is going to accept me when the only music credits I have are being the band president and flute section leader. You and I both know that's not enough," she said, slumping down in one of the two chairs before her.

The counselor nodded, rolling her chair away from her computer and back to the desk facing Nicole "I had been thinking about that as well this morning and was actually considering calling you down at some point to talk about it. Do you have anything in mind?"

Nicole shook her head, her bright green eyes filled with disappointment.

Miss Woods sat thinking for a moment as the senior before her pulled at a section of her hair, something she always did when nervous or frustrated. Then, the counselor sat up a bit more and leaned somewhat closer "I think I might have something in mind, but even I know just how much work it could take."

Nicole also leaned closer, quite interested now "What is it?"

"Everyone knows that you can read basically any instrument's music in the band, correct? This is mostly because you have an entire family that has played quite a variety of instruments, and you just happened to pick them up. You can play most of them too, so your talent stretches beyond many students who choose music for college," she began.

Nicole nodded that she should go on.

"But I'm really not sure if it would work yet. So I'm not going to tell you until I speak with Mrs. Blair about it," Miss Woods finished.

"But, that's the drama teacher," Nicole said, clearly confused.

The woman's eyes shined "I know. Nevertheless, this could very well be the very thing you're looking for. Now, Mrs. Blair's planning period is this one, so I'll talk to her once you leave and you can come back during your eighth period study hall and I can tell you if it will work or not."

Nicole nodded "Ok. Thanks a bunch Miss Woods, you're a life saver!"

She smiled "I know, and yet all they gave me was this tiny office."

They laughed as she wrote Nicole a pass to get back into class, and she exited the room, feeling just a slight bit better.


Jordan Neil walked briskly down the hall, passing a fellow senior whom he had barely ever talked to just exiting the guidance office. He shifted the books slightly that were held securely under his strong arm, the expression on his face indifferent as he passed a clan of cheerleaders who all stared at him with their over-makeupped faces, giggling amongst themselves as they put signs up for the pep rally before the football game. The truth was, even though Jordan had quit the football team to focus more on acting in drama class, they all still wanted him.

He continued towards the familiar drama room, knocking once before entering upon permission from the teacher inside.

"Hey Mrs. Blair. You wanted to talk to me?" he asked, sitting in one of the front desks before her.

She smiled at him, admiring his readiness to listen to his superiors "Yes. I understand you're trying to get into Gundrall, but don't think you have enough credits from drama."

He nodded "But I don't know what else I can do."

"Yes, I thought so. Well...I was thinking that perhaps for this year's play—"

She was interrupted by a ring from the phone next to her computer "Excuse me a moment," she said, rolling her chair over and picking it up.

"Hello, this is Mrs. Blair...Yes, I'm speaking to him now in fact..." A series of "Mmm hmm"s ensued as she listed to the other person speaking, then she continued "Do you think they could pull it off? If they did, there would be no doubt they would get in. It would take a lot of work...yes I have quite a bit of faith in them as well, Miss Woods. We'll set up a meeting for them then?...Ok good. Thank you, goodbye." She hung the phone up with quite a large smile on her face.

"I take it you were talking about me," Jordan said.

"Just partly, dear. It turns out another student here is in the exact same predicament that you are. Well, we have done several of your short plays in class that you wrote, and every single one was magnificent. However, what you really need is something to get you recognized, so for this year's play, I'm giving you the reins and you can write the play yourself and direct it with my help. That would give you just the attention you need," she said proudly.

He stared at her, completely amazed "You actually think I could pull it off? I mean, I probably wouldn't have much trouble writing it, but it sounds like a really hard project, especially with all of my AP classes this year."

She smiled again "And you'll have help, both from me and the girl who is having the same trouble as you. I'm hoping you two will be a good team, because while you write the play, she will be writing the music."

His jaw dropped in awe "Someone's actually going to compose all the music for the play? But, that's got to be even harder!" Jordan's eyes squinted slightly as he looked at her again "Are you sure this is possible?"

Mrs. Blair nodded "I am fully confident in both of your abilities. But you realize you'll have to work diligently together on this project, because her music must match your words. If everything turns out spectacular, which there is no reason why it shouldn't, Gundrall will be begging both of you to attend, even if you send in your applications a bit late."

He nodded slowly, trying to take in this new burden that would likely take all of his free time away this year. Then, he smiled, knowing that he would rather be directing a play of his own than sitting at home bored all evening. "So, when am I meeting her?"

"After school tomorrow in the guidance office. If you think of any ideas tonight, write them down and we can hear them tomorrow."

"Actually," a bit of a smile was playing on his lips "I already have a bit of an idea. It's something I've been thinking about for awhile. I'll make it more complete tonight."

Mrs. Blair beamed proudly "Excellent, Jordan. Remember, tomorrow after school in the guidance office."

He nodded "I'll be there."


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