Hope Deferred

"Hope deferred makes the heart sick,"
And there die the dreams that come too soon.
A wrong time, a wrong circumstance
All potent killers of weak, infant hopes.

Dissatisfaction- familiarity with the impossible...
Desires collide with stout opposition
Wave after wave of disappointments-
They come sure as the tide.

I rage and scream
I fight against fate and cold defeat.
The harder I fight, the greater the loss
And the more I hope, the more I have to lose.

I did nothing wrong, but the furies see fit
To dangle a carrot and watch me run.
They think it's great sport.
They all laugh at my expense.

Cruel fate, cruel world!
You lure me into your impossible trap
With stunning lustre and shine and
Pounce, just as my eyes grow large.