Time: Present Day

Setting: London, England

Scene 1

(As the credits role, famous sights in London are shown - Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, St. Paul's, Westminster Abbey, the Themes. The camera stops on a marquis in the West End. A young American woman, Kelsey Powell, exits through a back entrance of a theater. She walks quickly down the street and enters a small coffee shop and picks up a newspaper.)

George (shop owner): The usual, Miss Powell?

Kelsey: (handing him money) Yes, George, thank you.

George: (fixing her coffee) And what brings you to this part of the city this morning, love?

Kelsey: (folding her paper) Another audition.

George: How did it go?

Kelsey: Same as it always does, the producers don't take the American girls seriously.

George: (handing her the coffee) They will, Miss Powell. Have faith.

Kelsey: Thanks, George. I'll see you in a few days.

(She exit's the shop. The camera next shows Kelsey walking near the Themes. She finds a bench and sits to read her paper. The headline on the front page reads "Crown Prince Ends Another Relationship - Starlet Sara Raybold Looses Bid for Queen." She quickly folds up her paper and heads to the underground.)