Scene 6

(Kelsey and Adam sit on the outside deck of a yacht on the Themes eating lunch. The table is being cleared and both are finishing glasses of wine and laughing in conversation.)

Kelsey: (settling back in her chair and sighing) You know, when you told me in the car we would be dining on the Themes, I never imagined you meant literally.

Adam: It's the best way to see London.

Kelsey: I agree. When I first moved here I used to love going on the tour boats to see the city, but this is definitely much better.

Adam: So you did act like an American tourist at one time.

Kelsey: Yes, like everyone else, but I've been told I am completely past that stage of my existence.

Adam: And from what I've seen you've adjusted nicely.

Kelsey: Well, after a year one would hope I would.

Adam: You never told me, what made you choose London?

Kelsey: (she looks away and then gets up) Distance.

Adam: (following her) I'm sorry I didn't mean to bring up a touchy subject.

Kelsey: No, it's not your fault.

Adam: (placing a hand on her shoulder) You know you can trust me, right?

Kelsey: I just don't like to talk about it.

Adam: Then you don't have to, but if you ever need to, I promise I will listen.

Kelsey: (turning to face him) Thank you.

Adam: You're welcome.

Kelsey: So, is this what you like to do when you visit London?

Adam: What's that?

Kelsey: Find young American girls and try to discover their deepest secrets to prove you're sensitive and caring?

Adam: No, not at all, you would be the first normal woman I've shared a meal with in a very long time. I assume that's my reputation though.

Kelsey: That's only part of it, and I'll take being "normal" as a compliment.

Adam: And the rest? (she groans and turns away) No, (turns her back around) you promised next time we met you would tell me.

Kelsey: I promised I would tell you the next time we met in a public park, this is a private yacht floating on the Themes.

Adam: Well it's close enough, we're floating on a public river.

Kelsey: You are determined to talk about this, aren't you? (he nods and smiles) Well, most people only know what they read in the papers, and the press makes you seem like a...well...a womanizer. And, well, I suppose in a way your actions over the last year support that theory. Seeing you on the television with a new girl every month makes it hard to believe anything else, and not every person in England can have the pleasure of getting to know you.

Adam: Now that you've gotten to know me, what's your opinion.

Kelsey: Why does my opinion matter?

Adam: It matters because even though I don't know you very well, I think you're a remarkable woman.

Kelsey: (blushing) Alright, I think you're nothing like the man the press prints stories about. You're kind, caring, charming. You took an interest in me from the first second we met in Hyde park. (laughing) You must hear this a lot.

Adam: It's never meant anything before.

(The boat begins to dock and Adam leads Kelsey towards the ramp.)

Kelsey: Thank you for lunch.

Adam: I'm glad you decided to trust me. Are you free tomorrow night?

Kelsey: Yes, why do you ask?

Adam: Well, I have a pair of tickets for an opening in the West End, and I was wondering if you would like to accompany me?

Kelsey: What time should I be ready?

Adam: Six, I know the perfect restaurant for dinner. (they step off the boat and walk towards the car) Where should I pick you up?

Kelsey: (hesitating) Actually I probably won't be able to make it home in time. Can I meet you at the restaurant?

Adam: Of course. I'll call you tomorrow with the name and address.

Kelsey: (taking out a piece of paper and writing her phone number) You can reach me here. (she hands it to him as the car door is opened by a servant) I actually have a few errands to run, I will see you tomorrow.

Adam: I look foreword to it. (he kisses her cheek) See you soon.

(He gets in the car and it pulls away as Kelsey heads towards an underground station. She stops and looks out at the river, gently placing her hand over the spot he kissed.)