"Bereavement Fare"
the price of death

Momma's booking flights at the desk
Daddy's sleeping on the couch
Sister's drinking at the bar
I'm typing at the computer
Grandma's sleeping in a casket
Embalming fluid in her veins
Momma's trying to keep her patience
Daddy's trying to keep his sanity
Sister's trying to keep her friends
I'm trying to keep my job
The airline company is trying to take lots of our money
Death is expensive
Momma's arguing with a quivering voice
Daddy's breathing with a shaky pace
Sister's socializing with perfect grace
I'm grieving with a computer keyboard
The airline company is requiring a fax of the death certificate to not
charge us $1200 a piece to attend her funeral
To stand over her casket
To admire how much natural embalming fluid looks
And how unnatural her makeup looks

Momma's faxing a death certificate
Daddy's too tired to bitch about the airline industry
Sister's not here to be the voice of reason she always is
I'm here to quietly observe and put my arms around whichever sad torso
needs it
The airline industry is here to make money
And grandma was here to die
Just like momma will
Just like daddy will
Just like sister will
Just like I will
And the airline industry will try to screw us all