how would you like it

if i went against everything you said

how would you like it

if i diffused the wires inside your head

would you still accept me

if i wasn't a perfect porcelain doll

would you still catch me

if it was my time to fall.....


i don't believe in reality anymore

time hasn't fixed anything

and this life I've lived

has labeled me as a whore

so when your alone in your room tonight

and before you fall asleep

just remember to think of me

and how happy i use to be
this time is the last

for you to take what you want

this time is the last

to let you visit the mind that you haunt

for the rest of my life

i will remember what you've done to me

but revenge is nearing

and it will be your turn to bleed...

it will be soon enough

that i will return to my house of refuge


but feeling hollow and used

alone, i was afraid

watching the shadows taunt me at night

you were my insanity

yet you soothed me and felt so right...

so why do i feel this way