By:Andrew Troy KeIler

It has been written that in a time long ago
And in a very aincent land,a young man would go
Forth on a quest and do many heroic tasks,in order to be
What he has about to become by way of prophecy--
To become King of the magical land of long ago.

So far,while performing his many heroic tasks,
The young man had tried to ask
Himself,"Is all of this really necessary to obtain a crown?"
But just then,a little girl with a large frown
Had walked up to him said the only thing that she was able to ask.

The question was:"Would you help me find my Mommy and
Daddy?"And when he noticed how sad
The little girl was,he had talk her by the hand
And roamed with her throughout the land,
Until they had found something that was really bad.

A pair of bloodthristy wolves had started to circle around
Around the pair and a demon had shot itself out of the ground.
And just as the wolves were about to attack,
The young hero had grabbed his sword and charged towards the small pack.
Again and again,he had slashed his sword around and around.

And then,he had noticed something that was of total dread,
For the wolves had changed back into the girl's parents and became dead.
He had also noticed that her parents had suddenly became cursed
By a demon who has been about the worst
Being ever to come out of the realm of the dread.

But just as the demon was about to reach for the little girl,
The young hero was able to protect the little pearl
By slashing the sinister demon with his sword and caused the
Horrific being to return to the
Rest of his demonic brothern,leaving behind a parentless little girl.

However,the little girl is no longer alone,
For the young hero had finally became King Paul of Parvalone
And the little girl had became King Paul's daughter,
Princess Annette.And after he had recieved a kingdom and a daughter,
King Paul was on his way to complete the prophecy of Parvalone.