Authors Note: Hey, this is a different type of fic. Gothendergirl666 and I have planned the whole thing online. You see, we're internet friends, and we have never even met in real life, so it's really an interesting experience writing stories through IM and email! But, we have a plan and I think this is going to really turn out well! Well, the rating might go up in later chapters, but for now PG13 is good. I hope you enjoy it. Vampire fic lovers will love it, and romance fans will love it, and even action people. It's really diverse, but I'm sure you'll enjoy it! Tell us what you think. Chapter 1 is shorter than the rest, but that's because it is more of a prelude. Alrightie, enjoy!

As Cold As Stone

By- Teresz and Gothendergirl666

Chapter 1: Larson Banks- Creature of the Night

The rage…the rage I felt was unlike anything I had ever experienced. I felt the blood freezing my veins and the anger raging through my skin. The throbbing at my neck was excruciating, but the coldness of my heart was over-powering all emotions I had ever felt. My eyes had gone black, and my being was darker than ever. I wanted revenge…revenge on the one who did this to me. She destroyed my life, and took it away without a word. I hungered…hungered for revenge, and hungered for blood. I wanted to kill…kill the innocent. No, I don't want to kill them, I have to kill them. I hated myself now. I hated this fate. Damn destiny…damn it.

"Larson, if you don't want this…then change it." a dark voice repeated over and over to me.

"I can't change the past!" I screamed.

"But, you can change the future…and the future can lead to the past."

I dropped to my knees. I was in this empty room…this cold, empty, dark room. "How?" I asked, helpless as one could be.

"You must kill…kill one, innocent. Take the innocence and kill…the past will change." it hissed.

The confusion I felt was spinning my head in repetitive circles. "What do you mean?"

"You have the opportunity to change the past. You were brought to the dark side on an other's accord. You can go back to your pitiful human self…but there is a certain test you must pass. You must kill a human. Your human life to follow will be of guilt and guilt only…but it will be lived mortally. If that is what you want, then so be it. You must choose. If you choose to kill, you will be sent back to your world and given three months to kill this mortal. If you succeed, you will be sent back in time and given the knowledge to defeat your blood mother. If you do not…we have other plans for you."

There was a series of evil cackles and hisses. I covered my ears and tried to blank out the sounds…the hideous sounds. "Let me out of here!"

There was yet another hideous cackle and the voice responded. "If you wish…"

I felt the room shake and slowly dissolve beneath me. Then there was nothing…nothing but emptiness, in the area around me and in myself. My consciousness left me.

I opened my eyes to a familiar darkness. When my senses came back, I recognized the place as the alley which I had been killed…changed…destroyed. I quickly stood and looked around me. She wasn't there. The predator wasn't there. I lifted my hand to my neck and felt two small punctures. When my hand lowered again, there was an all so familiar liquid upon it. I was bleeding.

"What are you doing back here, moron?"

I spun around to face my sister.

"Don't you have people to be bugging and places to embarrass?"

I covered the mark on my neck. "Uh, yeah. Sure."

She rolled her eyes, grabbed my free hand and dragged me out of the alley. "Mom's been looking for you all day as if you were actually important! Now if we get back to the house, I can have the ultimate pleasure of listening to her bitch at you for not at least calling . This ought to be exciting!"

I sighed. The alley must have been close to our house. When we got out of the alley, I recognized where we were. The alley was the back path to school. Why had I been there? It was late. Why would I be coming back from school? I must have been gone…dead for longer than I thought.

When we reached the light again, I saw Erica standing there, with an impatient glare on her face. Erica Stone, the most stubborn little bitch I have ever met. Somehow, Michelle, my ass of a sister, found a best friend in the girl. It confused me like Hell…no, Hell was worse. I would now know. "Well, speaking of the devil." I mumbled under my breath.

"The term is 'speak of the devil.'" she retorted.

"Oh, yes Ma'am. All obey Erica."

"It's Stone." She refused to answer to Erica. Her steady gray eyes were glaring harshly at me.

"Whatever, Erica. I'm leaving you two to do your business. Catch ya around, bitch." I walked away, still listening to their conversation, and holding my neck, so that the bite marks weren't apparent. Michelle would just say that I got 'carried away' making-out, but the truth is, I never had even kissed a girl, let alone made out with one. How could the marks be from making out? I shook my head and tuned into their talking.

"How'd you get stuck with that thing for a brother?" Erica…Stone asked Michelle.

"Lucky I guess." she said sarcastically.

"Yeah, we better start buying lotto tickets."

Stone laughed. "Thank God I don't have a brother."

"Yeah, thank God!" Michelle agreed. Oh come on, I'm not that bad…okay, maybe I am, but the little jerks deserve it. "And, even if you did, I'm sure he wouldn't be nearly as miserable as Mr. Goth." she continued. Aren't I blessed to have such a wonderful sister? Man, I really have been blessed today…a sister from Hell, to top my life from Hell, and today I even got a trip to Hell. I was one lucky man.

Stone nodded in agreement to Michelle's comment and they walked back to the house, the opposite way I had. I followed closely behind them. They didn't notice me, thankfully. I wasn't in an arguing mood. I just wanted to get some rest…if vampires do rest. It was weird thinking that I was a dark creature of the night. Michelle always called me that…a dark creature of the night. What would she say if she found that she was telling the truth? I'm supposed to kill a human? Are sisters included in the human race? I shrugged. I might hate the girl, and her annoying friends, but she was my sister. I couldn't murder her. I yawned. This is going to be a long three months. I wished that the whole ordeal was all a dream. I wished with all of my soul…if I still had one. I wanted to wake up and find that I didn't have two bite marks on my neck. I wanted to find that I had just gotten hit upside the head by Michelle and lost consciousness. I wanted to have imagined the whole thing. But, I knew it was all reality. I could feel it in my being.