Dear all readers/writers:

Hello dearies-- this is Teresz…obviously. Alright-to thy readers-- I'm sure you've heard me talking about Empty Pages Blank Photographs-- which has been distracting me from Pitch Black-- ugh. --well here's part of the deal.

Alright. For over two years now-- myself and Gothendergirl666 (you may remember her from "As Cold As Stone") heh-- we've had this story going. It's sort of…like live story writing. I suppose you could call it like…an internet RPG. (Note: The non-dirty kind…) It's completely realistic- takes place in West Virginia, there's a few people in it-- but a million characters. Most of the characters are ages 18 to 24ish. Basicallly, you create characters-- and then throw them into this little story- and instead of writing the story-- the story sort of writes itself. It's really strange...but it's a lot of fun. Any true writer would love it…seriously. It's like-- the truest characterization you could possibly do.

Enough blabber-- my point is, we're looking for new people. The action in the story is always happening-- but it's starting to get boring with only two people that are serious about writing. We go through stages-- sometimes there will be like 5 people that are really serious about their characters and stuff-- and a lot happens. Then sometimes it's just Gothendergirl666 and I playing like 5 characters each at once- hoping something interesting happens. Heh…We need some more people-- and therefore more excitement.

If you're interested in joining PLEASE do-- contact me at or on AIM: SetABLayze

This type of thing is perfect for you IF:

1. You're online a lot...with nothing to do.

2. You're a creative person (especially a writer).

3. You're totally into developing your characters and really letting them control the story.

4. You've done other RPGs- like fantasy ones or whatever and you've always thought it would be fun to try a realistic one with real-like people.

5. You like musical theatre…(In the story- half the social life revolves around a theater)

6. You like parties… (that's the other half of the social life. Hahaha.)

7. You're semi-bored with your life and want to stretch out and sort of try out a character's life.

8. ….You think I'm a weirdo but don't mind and think it would be fun to work with me…haha.

The whole thing is done online-- on AOL instant messenger really. It works best if you're online a good amount of time-- I mean, everyone in the RP's busy so we understand a busy life-- but a certain amount of commitment is sort of needed. The story's done in real time-- so today in the story is TODAY in real life if you decide you don't feel like Rping for 2 weeks-- your character(s) has/have missed out on 2 weeks. And that can get pretty boring.

Also-- we're suggesting people join above the age of 13. There's members of the RP from age like 14 to 25. There's some mature subjects-- and note: the characters are right in that evil age…We keep things...tasteful, but sometimes mature things do come up. Once you talk to me-- I'll explain to you what exactly we do in these situations.

Thanks for the read friends! I realllly hope to get a few emails-- I figured fictionpress peoples(lovers of creating our own little worlds) would appreciate something like this. Being a writer-- I always wanted to hop into stories and live them-- here you really can.



PS: email me!!! I'll respond with in like 2 days or less.