I decided to break away from my normal style of writing and do something new. I hope it's good. My stories tend not to be as good as I would like, but I try. ^_^ Sorry aboout my spelling, I don't have Word, and I can't spell by nature.

Great. New school , new people to hate, new psycho popular kids wanting to make my life miserable. Joy. And to top it all of I'm going to be a freshman, on the bottom already.

"Jennifer, get your butt down here, your going to be late on the first day of school!" My mom's peircing voice breaks my train of thought.

"Oh dear," I mumble in return. "That could be the downfall of the world as we know it." I practially fall down the stairs to the new house. The ones that I wasn't used to because my old house didn't have any. See, my mom got this new boyfriend who's majorly rich. We moved in because they're getting married and they wanted to see how we'd work as a 'family.'

Harold, my mom's boyfriend, has a son. A son who is ALWAYS the most popular person at school. I wonder how many girls he'll be able to convince to come to his house after school today.

"Yeah, Jenn, you wouldn't want to be late for another exciting day at school, would you?"

"Shove it. And Don't call me Jenn." I never got why people want to shorten their names."

"Jennifer Marie! What in the world are you wearing?"

"Clothes, Mom." A stupid answer to a stupid question.

"You're in all black."

"No I'm not. See, I have white letters on my shirt. Look, they say: Gone crazy, be back when I find myself."

"Go back up to your room and go change! and take off those dreadfull boots!" I happen to like 'those dreadfull boots,' I thought to myself, looking at my army boots and smiling.

"Darling, I'm afraid she won't have time, the bus is comming." Saved by Harold. Wow that's a first.

"Luv ya mom." I yelled as I sprinted out the door. "Oh, no" I said out loud. The bus was leaving me. A perfect beginning to a perfect day, right.

After I finally cought the dumb thing, I sat by a girl who was the only one not all over Ned (my step brother.)

She seemed nice enough, and she had Linkin Park blasting out of her headphones. I love Linkin Park!

"So what's your name?" She yelled.

"Jennifer" I replied

"What!? I can't hear you. Hold on." She turned her headphones down."What? Sorry my music was so loud, but it helps drown out the mindless chatter of high shool girls. "

I almost laughed, but figured she'd have to do a lot more then make a crak about most high school girls to win my trust. "I said I was Jennifer."

"You were Jennifer? What happened?" It took me a while to realize my mistake, but when I did I smiled.

"Well I was, but then I changed it Jenniffer."

"What's the difference?" Her smirk replaced with a look if confusion.

"Two f's. I sounds much more sophisticated, don't you think?"

"Oh yeah," she smiled "By the way, I'm Emerald."

"Well it's wonderful to make your aquantaince, dear Emerald."

"Charmed I'm sure." We both started laughing, not caring that we both fell down the steps I hadn't realized I was on untill I tumbles down them. What is with me and stairs today?

We got up, brushed ourselves off and made our way to the counseling office, where I was to be shown around the school. Fortunately, the counselour was busy. Unfortunately I only had one class with Emerald, so I had to be escorted to and from classes by a jock that went by the name of Nick. He was the type that had all the girls swooning at his feet, and was utterly surprised when I gave him a cold glare upon being introduced.

"So beautifull," He started "where to next?" He asked after our first class.

"How would I know, you're the one showing me around here."

"Right. Off to English, Mrs Dubouse's class." He didn't miss a beat, did he. Well at least he didn't smell bad like some of the guys I had encountered. I had actually asked one of them if he knew what a shower was. He said yeah and told me they had some in the locker rooms and asked if I wanted him to show me one. Then, he said 'but I wouldn't do much in them, they smell kinda funny.' I swear some people are so thick.

Finally band came around. I play basssoon and Emerald played tenor sax (she was the only one) so we sat next to each other. I got to show off a bit because the bd (band director) wanted to know my skill level. A few people's jaws actually dropped.

After a very eventfull hour of band (in which someone lodged a pencil in my bell [how I don't know] a trumpet managed to dislocate the mouthpiece from the rest of the instrument and hit a flute in the back of the head and the bd got so 'lost in the music' he ended up throwing the baton and landing it perfectly in a tuba bell [it made funny rataling noises after that, but it was hilarious.]) it was off to lunch. (If your not a Band Nerd, and you don't understand this, don't worry. If you are, and you don't understand this, you should be ashamed, or I should learn how to write better. If your not and you do, consider yourself smart.)

"Band is dangerous." I commented as we sat down.

"It's usually not that eventfull, I think you may have had something to do with it. Good Job."

"Yeah, bravo." A new voice from behind me made me jump, and Emerald laugh.

When she was finished she said "You should've seen the look on yor face." and burst out laughing again. Meanwhile, I was eyeing the new guy carefully. He was actually kind of cute.

"Hey I'm Jeremy. I figure this will save time, because if I wait for Emerlad to do it, we could be waiting a while."

"Jennifer." I said extending my hand, which he took and instead of shaking, he kissed. I blushed, but recovered quickly and said, "How lovely to meet you Jeremy."

"The pleasure's all mine." He said with a smile and a wink.

(A/N: No, Jennifer and Jeremy won't fall madly in love. They will stay friends, and no, Jennifer and Nick [previously named popular kid] won't fall madly in love either. In Fact, they will go on to hate each other.)

The rest of lunch was truly uneventfull except for the few time Emerald choked on her sandwich for laughing. Actually, the rest of the day way pretty boring. Nick tryed hitting on me a few more times, but then gave up (hopefully.)

After I caught the bus home and invited Emerald over (my mom would be glad I made a friend so quickly, heck I was glad I had made a freind so quickly.) Ned had 4 or 5 girls surrounding him when I got home, laughing at something he had just said. (his dad picked him up.) Emerald followed me up to my room.

"Wow! I love your room." She told me, staring at the various posers of bands like Good Charolette, Linkin Park, Disturbed and All American Rejects. "What's this?"

"Oh, just a journal I keep to prevent myself from going crazy."

"You're not crazy already?"

"Well yes, but not as much as I could be."

"Oh, I see." She said giving me a strange look. "How about some music?"

"Sure." I put Metora in, one of my favorite's. Then we heard a shreik comming out of Ned's room.

"Do you think he bit one of them?" Emerald asked, her eyes filled with laughter.

"Maybe worse." An idea popped into my head. "Do you thing we should go see if she's alright?"

"Yeah, she could be in danger."

"Danger, right."

We ran over to his room, pulled open the door, not sure what we were going to find. Turns out the girl was not in danger. Well, I suppose that would be how you looked at it. We walked in to find the girl thrown over the bed, her top halfway over her head, and Ned attacking her neck (well that's how it looked from my viewpiont.)

They didn't seem to notice us at first so I cleared my throat, twice. The girl screamed so loudly the my mom and Ned's dad came running to see what the commotion was all about.


"What the hell are you doing?" Harold roared! My mom almost fainted. I ducked into my room and bust out laughing. Emerald followed suit.

After my mom regained herself she walked Emerald home and probably told her we were a respectable family and such things didn't happen often at our house. I smiled and bent over my journal and began to write. Maybe, just maybe, this year wouldn't be so bad. I smiled.

Ok, I just wanted to tell you boy, is she wrong. I hope you guys like it. R&R plz! Thanx

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