Ok I'm sorry, my muse is like dead. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to kill it. I'm also sorry if this chappie sucks a big one. ok on with the story!

"So what happened after I left?" emerald asked the next morning after I got on the bus.

"Not much, a lot of yelling, but that's kinda normal at this house. I was so mad! He always gets his was, he never gets into trouble." I pouted, not a normal thing for me, believe me.

"I'm sorry." The rest of the bus ride was fairly quiet. For the second day in a row I tripped over the staris getting out of the bus. I swear I'm so smooth sometimes.

"Hey the freak show had a friend." A rondom idiot yelled out.

"The real freak show would be your girlfriend!" Emerald yelled back! Oh great, this is wonderfull, my second day and I might have to help out a friend in a fight. Wait, did I say friend? Excuse me, aquantaince. "Ya wanna fight? Remember what happened last time." The dude backed off slowly. Ok, now I'm confused. Big guy not so big girl start talking, not so littl girl scared big guy off. This school is so fridgy.

"What was that about?" I asked as we shoved our was through traffic to get to our lockers.

"Nothing, forget it." SHe looked to the floor.


School was boring as usual, I ran into this girl who turned and ran when I was about to say I was sorry. Wow I've been here a day and a half and I already have super powers or something. Yes, finally, band! I couldn't wait to tell Emerald about the stupid prep I ran into today.

I open the door and run smack dab into Jeremy. Two people in 1 day. Score!

"Hey Jeremy. Waz up?" I said smiling. He scowled and just walked past me. That's nice. I'm going to go crazy, I just know it.

I sat down next to Emerald and, as it turns out, she wasn't talking to me either. What did I do!!!! I might go into a corner and cry if that were my thing.

I ate lunch by myself that day. It didn't bother me that I was by myself, I didi that all the time, it bothered me that some people that I thought I could become freinds with had just abandoned me. I decided not to tear myslef up about it. I just ate lunch and zoned off into my own little dream world where people won't abandon me....

The rest of the day I couldn't really concentrate, I couldn't help but think that I was living elementary school all over again. i had been the most popular girl of my grade in all of my elementary school days, but something inside me had just clicked. Why should I want freinds that will abandon me if I dress differently? I decided to frind true friends. I never found them. I laughed about the thought I had had in fifth grade: I wonder if all the good friends are lost, or worse, taken. I laughed out loud at that one. The teacher scowled. I didn't care. i wasn't mad at the world, just sick of it and all it's damn conformity. You must be stick thin to be beautifull. That ideal drove one of my best freinds to become annorexic, in the third grade! How wrong is that? Sometimes I really wonder how long before we bring our own demise. Five, Ten years? Maybe more, maybe less.

I smiled, thanks Emerald and Jeremy, you just helped me remember my cause.

I went to this quaint little coffee shop after school. Yes, i walked. It was really nice. Good coffee. I got some really good, for lack of a better word, stuff cleared up. I was so happy these ideas I had for so long were finally becoming clear. I re-read my work. Marvelous. I might actually submitt this.