As I look up into the night sky,
So cold and worried are the tears I cry.
Every drop that falls means another day,
As I wait for your coming that's so far away.
Hopeless does your arrival seem.
Yet what I desire most is what cannot be seen.
Time lingers on, when quickly it should pass.
I don't know if my hope for you will be able to last.

Years passed by, and still no word has been sent.
I fear everyone else's hope is all but spent.
But still I wait, though my heart swells with pain,
And as I wait does more of my love do you gain.
My dreams and hopes went with you.
To bear them at your return when all work was through.
So still I wait, though endless it may seem.
To be with you at last could only happen in my dreams.

But finally, the sun came up and brought a new day,
And with it came your company from so far away.
My eyes searched for your face,
But couldn't find its place.
Where had you gone?
Here with me was where you belonged.
To believe you gone is absurd and I would never,
For it is with you that I want to spend my life with forever.

Making my way through the crowd looking for you.
What happened and where you were, I hadn't the slightest clue.
Then I spotted you, lifeless, in the arms of your friends.
Tears filled their eyes when they saw me; was this to be the end?
At that time my pain, my torment, my worry, all came out in my tears.
What happened was the one thing I most feared.
My hopes and dreams and the one thing I loved most were lost.
So little did I know what these things would cost.

Then you stroked my face and in your last breath, said those three special
Then you were gone; it seemed the end of the world.
At that moment, all these tears poured from my eyes like rain.
Each of the countless drops meaning another day till I see you again.
So long did I wait for you to arrive,
So long ago was it that I said good-bye,
And when you did come back, in my tear sodden arms did you die.
I waited...and waited...for you to dry the tears I had cried.
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