Do you wanna' know, Do you wanna' see. Do you want to hear, What's been happening to me.

It's all over the news, On every radio. You can find it on Conan, Even the Wayne Brady show.

You can find it on Survivor, Or any reality show. You can find it almost anywhere, As long as you've got the dough.

This rhyming scheme is a fake, But who would ever know, To call in the paparazzi, When I start to glow.

I'm sick of the reality, I'm sick of the fame, When will we realize, It's all so lame.

All the lies, All the deceit, All the stories made up, To keep up with the beat.

Lifestyles of the rich and famous, Oh Whoop-dee-doo. Lifestyles of the poor and nameless, Cow cow, moo moo?

I'm speaking gibberish to you now, You can probably tell. It just gets me so frustrated, I feel like I'm in hell.

What're we afraid of, Affleck being a "guy"? Or maybe we're just curious, Is Britney bi?

But then we worry, About when we die. We're not sure, If the same rules apply.

Will we care that we don't know everything?

Or will we notice the birds, The trees and the sky. Will we notice the spirit? How just and how high.

Will we notice our friends, At another night out. Staying up long hours, Never to opt out.

Will we notice all the years, That pass us by. Will you notice all the people, Who never tried to say hi.

We have a responsibility now, The world is in our hands. So what example will you lead, That will echo across the lands?

If you wanna' know what's been happening to me, Just ask around. There are millions of answers, Still waiting to be found.