My name is Madison Garner, I'm 18, a senior in High school, and a free spirit. I have long red hair that I braid so it comes to my middle back. My eyes are a rich forest green, well, more like a shinny emerald, and big, I don't need eyeliner.

I'm 5'7" average weight of 124lbs, perfect body if I do say so. 38B chest, medium butt, and hips. I box, so I'm toned. My heritage is Irish and northern Italian. So I get the red hair from Italian, and the silky white skin from Irish.

Today I was late for English, again. My third time this week, however it is only Thursday. Mr. Colter doesn't like it when you're late, a warning, and then a call home and then Saturday school.

I got to his room, luckily the door was open so I could easily slip in. He was sitting at his desk while the class read a book by George Orwell; I don't remember the title.

His desk faced the class at the front of the room, so it would be a challenge not to be seen. I crept in and caught a few of the students' wandering eyes. I motioned for help.

At that time I was standing right behind Mr. Colter. A few people snickered, but most stayed quiet. Mr. Colter looked up, but didn't do anything. I was afraid my army print cargo pants were making noise.

My whole wardrobe is of army print cargo pants and tight white T-shirts. I have the whole GI Jane look down, or Lara Croft, more Lara Croft, GI Jane has the buzz cut, complete with the boots.

Mr. Colter abruptly turned around and looked at me. "So nice of you to join us miss Garner. Ten minuets late I see. That means Saturday school." He smiled evilly.

"But I wasn't late. I was simply sharpening my pencil." I lied quickly. I'm good at that. He looked at me through cold hard, gray eyes. "Where is it?" He asked.

I was confused. "What?" I asked. He smiled again. "Your pencil." My face nearly paled, but I had to at least try to get out of it. I reached into my left pocket and grabbed a pen that I always kept there. "Here." I said showing it to him.

"That's a pen." He smirked. I looked at it and my eyes widened. I looked back at him and smiled. "So it is. That would explain why it wasn't working. Then I guess I don't need to sharpen it any more." I laughed nervously.

The whole class was watching us. "I'll go sit down now." I said and started for my seat in the third row from the back. "Stop. Turn." I winced and complied. "Yes?" I asked sweetly.

"Saturday. You. Here. Now go sit down and read your book for the rest of the period." I glared at him and growled deep in my throat. "Fine." I said through clenched teeth.

I sat down and picked up my book. I had only just opened it when the bell rang. I took my book, put it in one of my pockets, and left. I don't have a backpack, don't need one, I have pockets and big ones too.

The rest of the day went fine, mostly because I only had two periods after Mr. Colter's but hey. I wasn't late for anymore classes and finally the day ended.

I started to walk home, said 'bye to the people I knew. I know a lot of people, but I only have two friends. Nick and Bailey. Nick doesn't mind hanging out with two girls, mainly because, A) he has other friends but we're his closest. B) He's Bailey's twin brother. They're surprisingly close.

When I got home my mother wasn't there, as usual. She'd been gone a lot more lately, and I only wonder why. She was probably doing something illegal. I really couldn't care. I hate her; she was never there when I was growing up, so why should she be here now.

My dad was killed a while back, I don't know why, but I was little so it wasn't fit to tell. I walked up the lopsided stairs to my room. It was small, with two walls slanting in to a peak.

I had a large window that was also a door; it led out to my very own balcony. The next room over was my closet/bathroom. It was about as big as my room, which is only big enough for a full sized bed, a nightstand, and a long wall mirror.

I lived in the attic. It was finished off, I guess you could say, but at least it was mine. I plopped down on my blue quilted bed and began to read 19- something by George Orwell. Fun.


It was Friday and the passing period between 5th period and sixth. I was standing out side my Spanish classroom, talking to Nick and Bailey when the minute bell sounded.

"SHIT!" I shouted and started bolting to Mr. Colter's class. The end bell started to sound so I dove into the classroom. When the bell ended my top half was in the classroom while my lower half was out in the hall.

I was breathing heavily from my run. Mr. Colter was sitting at his desk and looking at me. "You're late again, Madison." He said, smiling. I swear this man enjoys making me miserable.

"No I'm not! I was in the classroom before the end of the bell so I'm not tardy!" I shouted, pointing a finger at him.

He narrowed his eyes. "She's right you know," A girl named Jane piped up. He reluctantly didn't count me late. 'This time, I won Mr. Colter.' I said to myself, as I passed his desk to get to my seat, smiling devilishly.

The rest of the week went by fast, sure it was only half a day, but I wasn't late. That's a bonus. I never thought one could dread a Saturday, but here I was, dreading it.

I had to be in Mr. Colter's classroom by noon. At least it wasn't an all day thing. I got into my jeep and drove over there. Why I didn't have it earlier was because it was getting new tiers.

I listened to Good Charlotte blaring from the speakers on the three-minute drive over to the school. When I got there I slowly made my way down to room 217. I got there at 11:57am, and decided to wait beside his door until noon.

At exactly 12:00, I went in. I sat down at my desk in the back and stared at him. I put my feet up on the desk to the left of mine and watched.

He made no move but continued to grade papers. I sat like that and started to sing 'Bloody Valentine" by Good Charlotte. "I ripped out his throat! And called you on the telephone to take off, my disguise, just in time to hear you cry as you morn the death of your bloody valentine." I sang it tone deaf.

I went threw all the Good Charlotte songs like that for 55 minutes, with 5 minutes to spare until my detention was over.

He got up and walked over to me. My eyes stayed on him until he came to stand before me. He was standing uncomfortably close to me. He reached out his arm and ran a callused finger down my rosy cheek.

I flinched back from his touch and looked at him with dark eyes. "You're quite a free spirit, Madison." He said walking around me. I had dropped my legs and was staring up at him from a slouch.

His arm brushed against mine and I let out a shudder. "You're often late, yet you don't let that interfere with your grades." He ran a finger down my bare arm. I looked up at him with distaste.

"Are you hitting on me?" I asked, almost fearing the answer. He smiled his evil smile. I looked him up and down. He wasn't in bad shape, but he looked fifty. "Dude, I don't date fifty year olds." I said with disgust, and a small chuckle.

His smile disappeared and was replaced with a frown. "I'm thirty five." He said. I let out a surprised laugh and looked at him. "You're kidding!" I laughed. "What you do, smoke some pot?" I started to laugh again as he started to redden with anger. "I mean, Johnny Depp is forty and he's, like, fifty times hotter than you. Not that anybody could measure up to Johnny Depp. Hmmm." I closed my eyes, thinking of Johnny Depp but opened them when I felt a hand caress my forearm. I opened my eyes to see Mr. Colter staring at me.

His face was no longer red, but his eyes and face were still tight with anger. I looked down at his hand then slowly back at him. My eyes spat daggers. "Don't touch me." I said coolly. He moved his hand down to my knee.

I looked at him. "Don't touch me." I said more firmly. He just smiled. "Ahh!" I yelled as I shoved my knee into his groin. He doubled over, gasping for breath. I took hold of his collar and shoved my knee in his face, causing it to fling back and his nose to bleed.

"I said not to touch me!" I yelled, standing up and walking over him, making sure to step on his hand that had been on my leg. I walked out of the room, looking back once as I reached the door.

He was still on the floor in a ball, looking at me. I smiled devilishly, and walked out, leaving him to suffer the pain of a testicle retrieval operation.


I jumped into my blue jeep and headed down the deserted suburban Kenedy Texan street. I stopped at the traffic light ahead. My head swarming with what had just happened.

The light was abnormally long and I began to get impatient. "Come On!" I yelled at the inanimate object. "It sucks how long it takes for it to turn, huh?" I spun around at the sound of a masculine voice and nearly jumped out of my skin. "Holy fuck where did you come from?!" I shouted at the shaggy blonde haired man leaning on my open window.

"Didn't mean to scare you but my friend and I need a lift." I looked him up and down with uncertainty. "Then get a cab." I said calmly. He drew a breath in threw his teeth and looked at me.

"Bad idea." He said and looked past me. I turned my head to come face to face with the barrel of a black- handgun. "Whoa." I said and inched back from it so I wasn't looking at it cross- eyed.

"Do you know what type of gun this is?" The blonde whispered in my ear. I looked the gun over. I tensed. "Why?" I asked, still looking at the gun. "Because, thinking about it makes it so much more real. Now do you know?" He whispered into my ear.

"What's to know. They're all the same. You pull the trigger, a bullet comes out and boom!" I said the last sentence in one breath.

He chuckled. "Take us to San Antonio." I nodded, looking up from the gun to the brown haired man in the passenger seat holding the gun. The blonde man jumped in the back and took the gun from the other man.

The light had turned green a while ago but I didn't notice and was now turning yellow, then red. "God damn it!" I shouted slamming my head on the wheel, and landing on the horn.

I left my head there for a few seconds, letting the horn sound, until it got on my nervous. I picked it up and looked at the light. I stared at it with a murderous glare, as if it would get scared and change. It didn't but was only red for another minute. "Finally." I whispered.

I looked over at the man beside me threw the corner of my eye. He was about 6'3" ish with shaggy brown hair and icy blue eyes. His body was somewhat skinny but muscular at the same time.

He was in black skater pants and a long red shirt. He looked to be only 19, or 20 years old. 'And hot as hell.' I thought. I had gotten a good look at the man behind me with a few glances in the rearview mirror.

He was about as tall as the other man, with shaggy blonde hair and deep chestnut brown eyes. His body was more muscular than the younger man's but was just as lean.

His mussels were visible threw his tight white T-shirt and his painter pants. He had grease stains smeared on his pants and shirt, like he had been working on a car.

He caught me looking at him threw the rear view mirror and smiled, showing all white teeth. "Now why couldn't he have hit on me?" I asked myself. I heard the two men chuckle and I was a bit confused until I realized I'd voiced my thought.

"Sorry!" I said with a giggle. Most girls would have been embarrassed but I don't embarrass easily. I'm always doing or saying something that secretly everyone wanted to do or say, but never got up the nerve.

"That's fine." He said while an amused smile. "Who hit on you?" the younger man asked. I stuck out my tongue and pretended to gag. "My teacher. I swear he's fifty but he's says he's 35, so all I can think is that he's been smoking some pot or something."

They laughed, with a deep rich laugh. After that they didn't say anything, and the car was quiet. I have this thing about silences, and I don't like them unless I'm alone, and sometimes not even then.

I turned on my radio and started to sing to Kelly Clarkson, whose song was being played, miss independent.

"Miss independent
Miss self-sufficient
Miss keep your distance
Miss unafraid
Miss out of my way
Miss don't let a man interfere, no
Miss on her own
Miss almost grown
Miss never let a man help her off her throne
So, by keeping her heart protected
She'd never ever feel rejected
Little miss apprehensive
Said ooh, she fell in love

What is this feelin' takin' over?
Thinkin' no one could open my door
Surprise...It's time
To feel what's real
What happened to Miss Independent?
No longer need to be defensive
Goodbye, old you
When love is true

Miss guarded heart
Miss play it smart
Miss if you want to use that line you better not start, no
But she miscalculated
She didn't want to end up jaded
And this miss decided not to miss out on true love
So, by changing her misconceptions
She went in a new direction
And found inside she felt a connection
She fell in love.

What is this feelin' takin' over?
Thinkin' no one could open my door (open my door)
Surprise...It's time (yeah)
To feel what's real
What happened to Miss Independent?
No longer need to be defensive
Goodbye (goodbye), old you (oh you)
When love, when love is true

When Miss Independent walked away
No time for love that came her way
She looked in the mirror and thought today
What happened to miss no longer afraid?
It took some time for her to see
How beautiful love could truly be
No more talk of why can't that be me
I'm so glad I finally see...

What is this feelin' takin' over?
Thinkin' no one could open my door
Surprise (surprise), it's time (yeah)
To feel (to feel) what's real
What happened to Miss Independent?
No longer need to be defensive
Goodbye (goodbye), old you
When love, when love is true...

Miss Independent

When the song finished and the D.J's voice came back on I switched CDs and put in The All-American Rejects. "Tears fall down your face, the taste is something new. I know moving on is, easiest when I'm around you… please just don't play with me, my paper heart will bleed…" I sang, forgetting there were other people in the car.

"Turn here." The man in front said, bringing me from my musical world. "Sure." I said and made a left turn on to the highway. "SO what's my dear kidnappers' names?" I asked looking in my rear view mirror to the blonde.

"Garret." He said I nodded and looked to the man on my right. "Macon." He said. I smiled. "What?" He asked looking over at me. I shook my head. "Nothing really. I just think that's the best name." I looked over at him.

He raised an eyebrow, puzzled. "Right." He said smiling and looking out the window. I looked back at the road. That's when it dawned upon me. I'd just been kidnapped.

I pulled onto the shoulder and took a few deep breaths, clearing my mind. Two hot guys just kidnapped me at gunpoint asking me to drive to San Antonio. There is something not normal about this.

"What's wrong?" Garret asked, leaning forward. I looked up at him. "I've just been kidnapped!" I said, near shout. He looked at me quizzically then smiled. "You just now realized this?" He asked me.

I nodded. He started to laugh. "You're slow." Macon said. I rolled my eyes. "Well you wouldn't be thinking real quickly if your teacher just hit on you during Saturday school then on your way home a guy asks for a lift and the next thing you see is a gun. Too many things to think of at once so I take them in the order of occurrence, sometimes."

It was a few minutes later when Garret stopped laughing and turned to me. "Drive." He ordered and pressed the gun up against my back. I pulled off the shoulder and started driving again.

The rest of the drive was a tensed silence. A few hours later we saw our exit. I pulled off making sure to yell at the lady that just cut me off, "Learn to drive, Bitch!" I shouted at her as I descended upon the ramp.

She just gave me the finger and sped off. I shook my head in frustration. "Take a left here." Macon said and pointed to a less used road. I turned and went a few streets further before making a right, onto a deserted ally behind an old warehouse.

"Stop here." Macon commanded. I pulled into park and waited for them to get out. "Here you are." I said, hoping to give them the hint. "Turn the car off, you're coming with us." Garret said, thrusting the gun in my back.

I groaned and reluctantly pulled out the keys. I opened my door and hopped out, closely followed by Garret. I started to slow in my step, only to hear a frustrated grunt from Garret's lips.

Eventually I came to a stop in front of the large, lead doors that lead into the warehouse. I looked up and studied the building before entering. It was big, about two stories, and made with cement walls.

It was a large square and had a few windows on the top floor. Vines crawled up the sides like spiders weaving webs, and poked their heads into cracks in the strong walls.

Garret grew impatient and pushed me toward the twin doors. I threw him a glare over my shoulder but proceeded on. I reached my arm out and took hold of the large, cold handles.

I gave a yank and was flustered when the doors refused to budge. I tried again only to be met with the same outcome. Frustrated I growled and pulled them a few more times, they still didn't move.

"Argh!" I shouted and karate kicked the door. It moved but still didn't open. I regained my composure and took a few deep breaths in and out. I started to take a few steps back, feeling my mussels relax.

I stopped a few yards away from the doors. I turned around and ran at them, giving them another kick and a few body slams. "Damn you door! Why won't you fucking open?" I yelled at it.

I kicked it a few more times before I got too tired to continue, and took a rest. Some of my hair had fallen from the braid and hung around my face in wisps. I sat down on the curb and steadied my heart rate before bothering to look up.

I smiled at the confused looks that were plastered on Macon and Garret's faces. "Hi." I said weakly, still grinning. I must have looked like a crazy chick, first beating the shit out of a door, then sitting down and smiling at them.

Macon rose a questioning eyebrow but remained silent. Garret shook his head at me but proceeded to search his pockets for something. Victoriously he pulled out a key.

He slipped the key into a rusted looking lock and turned the key counter clockwise. I narrowed my eyes and glared at him. "It, was locked?" I said more than asked.

Garret turned around and smiled at me. "Yep." I spat daggers at him with my eyes. "You made me try to open a locked door!" I shouted at him. Macon winced at my volume but remained quiet.

"I never told you to open it. I just pushed you in front of it so I could get the key out." Garret said, smiling. I slowly stood and walked over to him.

I looked up at him and smiled evilly. He furrowed his eyebrows together in confusion. I reached forward and quickly yanked the doors open with full force.

Garret jumped back just as a door was about to hit him. "Damn, it didn't hit you." I said disappointedly. Macon took hold of my right arm and escorted me in.

We walked into a large barren room, with folding chairs placed absent mindedly around the room. There was a large wooden desk that was placed in front of one of the many doors, with a computer and desk lamp on the surface.

A small woman with large black rimmed glasses and short blonde hair sat behind the desk, flipping threw stacks of papers. She looked up when Garret closed the doors and smiled at him.

"Garret!" She said, getting up from the chair and giving him a hug. Garret smiled at her and returned the hug. "Hey Angie. How ya been?" He asked pulling a way and holding her at arm's length.

"Fine. How 'bout you?" She asked, smiling up at him. "Good. But I'm a lot better now." He said leaning down to her 5'3" height and kissing her long and lovingly.

"Virgin eyes here!" I yelled, causing them to break apart. Angie looked over his shoulder, as hard as that was, to me. "That her?" she asked Garret. He turned around and looked at me.

"Yeah, that's her." He said, smiling. "Hey Macon." Angie said, slipping out from under Garret's arm draped over her shoulder. "Hey Angie." He said giving the shorter woman a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

"Really sorry to break up the beautiful display of love but really, I've just been kidnapped here and I really don't understand anything. And I don't like being talked about like I'm not standing HERE, and I do have a name and it's not 'her'." I said, using my arms for emphasis on words like, here, or her, or do, stuff like that.

Macon smiled and released Angie. "I'll take her upstairs." He said grabbing my arm and leading me away to the stairs. "Hey! I can walk by myself thank you. I'm not a little kid I don't need you to hold my hand." I said yanking my arm out of his smooth hands.

"How do you get your hands like that. You use moisturizer?" I asked pointing at his hands. He rolled his eyes and continued waking along the upper corridor. "So, who's Angie?" I asked him, trying to keep up with his fast pace.

"She's my brother's girlfriend." He said, not looking at me but straight ahead. "Garret's your brother!?" I asked, astonished. They looked nothing alike. "Yeah." He said simply, ending further discussion.

"You're not a big talker, huh?" I asked him. He took a deep breath in threw his nose and exhaled threw his mouth. "So, is that a no?" I asked, looking up at his annoyed face.

"Are you psychologically unstable?" He asked turning to face me. I stopped and pretended to think. "No, no I don't think so. Why?" I asked starting to walk again.

Macon shook his head. "You're just the oddest kidnapped person I've ever met." I looked at him quizzically. "How so?" He looked down at me but continued to walk.

"You just asked one of your kidnappers if they use moisturizer." I nodded slowly. "Ah." I said, clasping my hands behind my back. "Where we goin'?" I asked innocently, looking around at the bare cement walls.

"God! You're like a little kid! Next you're gonna be asking me if we're there yet!" He said throwing his arms up in annoyance. "We there yet?" I asked, giggling slightly at his glare. "Sorry, couldn't help it." I said, stifling a fit of laughter.

Macon rolled his eyes and stopped in front of a large metal door. He knocked twice before opening it. "Sir, she's here." He said politely. "Good, bring her in." A deep, menacing voice boomed.

Macon moved behind me and shoved me inside. "Hey! You're gonna pay for that you little bastard!" I shouted as he pushed me through the door and closed it behind him. "I don't mind the kidnapping and the gun but you will not push me! That's dangerous." I said smiling sweetly at him he just rolled his eyes.

"So," The voice boomed again. I whipped around to see a blue conference room filled with people.

"Damn!" I exclaimed, looking at each of the men and women in suits and business like attire. The room was old English like, with the dark blue walls and fancy plaster mantels.

There was a large oval shaped table in the center of the room, sitting a round number of twelve. The table was wood polished and had very fancy designs etched into the side lip.

"I'm guessing you want to know why you're here?" A heavy- set man asked, or said rather. I looked at him suspiciously. He was mid fifties, with a graying goatee. He was in a fancy business suit that was navy with white pin stripes vertically.

He looked like the stereotypical fat rich guy. I nodded after a brief five- minute hesitation.

Macon rolled his eyes and muttered something incomprehensible. "I'm sorry what was that?" I asked him. He looked up at me innocently. "Nothing." I nodded. "It better have had been 'nothing' otherwise it was 'I hope Madison kicks my ass like she did her pot smoking teacher," I continued to mutter some lovely choice words.

"Right, now then," The rich guy said, who I now affectionately dubbed as, 'the fat rich man that has acne'. "You are here because of your mother, a Ms. Sophia Garner."

I rolled my eyes, "Figures." I muttered under my breath. "She purchased some, items, from us and never paid." I looked at him with a board expression. "Get to the point bub, why the hell am I here?" I asked.

I tried to get my arm free of Macon's grip. Macon had pinned my arms behind my back and held them there, during the time I was taking in 'the fat rich man that has acne'.

The fat man sighed and looked at all of his partners' faces to verify if he should continue. After getting the okay he continued. "Okay, you're here because we need our money." He said.

"You're holding me for ransom!" I looked at all the partners. "What, are you fucked in the head?" A skinny, wrinkly, old man opened his mouth to answer, but stopped to register.

"Macon, I think you should show her to her room." The fat man said. Macon nodded and grabbed my arm, dragging me out of the conference room. We got a few steps before he stopped and drug me back.

He knocked on the door once then opened it and popped his head inside. "I'm sorry sir, but where is her room?" He asked innocently. I suppressed a chuckle. The fat man let out a sigh of frustration.

"I told you yesterday, Macon." Macon bowed his head. "I kind of, forgot." He sheepishly looked up at the man. "Again." Macon tilted his head and made a 'eh' sound.

"I told you to pay attention! This is the third time today Macon!" The man slammed his fists on the table, causing many around it to flinch. "Well, yeah, but it's kinda hard to concentrate when Garret is across from me sticking his tongue down Angie's throat!" Macon shot back. I couldn't help but laugh at this.

Macon turned and looked at me. "What's so funny?" I bowed my head and continued laughing. "I'm sorry. Mental picture, continue your, thing." I squeezed out, all the while still laughing.

"She will room with you Macon, as punishment." The man said, smiling. Macon's head whipped around and stared at the man with large eyes. "NO! You can't do that!" He looked at me, I was calming down a bit but still chuckling every now and then at his expression.

He looked back at the man with a pleading look. "That's cruel and unusual punishment!" He shouted. "Hey! I'm not that bad!" I shouted, punching him on the arm. "Ow! Now she's abusing me? GOD!" He shouted and turned around and fled from the door.

"Pleasure to see you all again! Whoa!" I squeaked as Macon drug me along a dimly light hallway. "Hey! Ease up man before you burn a damn hole through my arm!" I shouted, prying his fingers loose. "Ah!" I shouted as I looked at my arm. There were five white finger marks.

"Damn boy! You must be pissed!" He glared at me and took hold of my wrist. We took a left and stood in front of a large oak door. "Don't worry," I whispered in his ear. "I won't beat the shit out of you, as long as you don't touch me." I moved back and looked at his face.

He was looking straight at the door, seeming to burn holes into it with his eyes. His eyes slowly moved to look at me. God! His eyes were gorgeous! They were a deep royal blue and looked like the endless depths of the Atlantic Ocean. Cold, yet they pulled you in.

"That won't be a problem." He said, taking in my army print cargo pants and tight white T-shirt. I glared at him, raising an eyebrow. "Good. I really don't feel like hearing wails of pain when they take you to the ER."

His face tightened slightly, and his left eye twitched. I leaned in again. "Yes, it's happened. In fact, I just sent my English teacher there today for a testicle retrieval operation." I pulled back smiling.

Macon turned his head and looked at me with wide eyes and an open mouth. He narrowed his eyes and looked back at the door, reaching out and gripping the brass doorknob.

He pushed the door open and walked inside the room, pulling me in behind him. He let go of my wrist and closed the door. The room was relatively big. It had two full sized beds, parallel from one another.

In between the two beds was an oak nightstand and at the end of each bed was a trunk. The beds were draped in white linen sheets and a blue quilt. The left bed was messed up and looked as if someone just rolled out of it.

There was another oak door on the wall the right bed was on. "That's the bathroom, the left bunk is mine, and the right is yours." Macon said, pointing to the other door and walking in front of me to his bed.

"You can put your cloths in the trunk and all the necessary bath products will be brought to you shortly." He plopped down on his bed, reaching under his mattress for a thick book.

I cleared my throat, causing him to look at me. 'Damn he looks so fine!' I thought. "Yes?" He asked me after I didn't say anything. "One problem dude, I was kidnapped, and since I wasn't aware this would happen today I kinda forgot to pack my duffel." I said, tilting my head at the end. He glared at me before turning back to his book.

"Some other people went over to your house earlier, and since your mother wasn't there, we took the liberty of packing a week supply of cloths for you. They might already be put away." His eyes never left his book.

I nodded. "Why did you go over there?" I asked. He glanced at me and eyed me up again. "We went to get our money. But that back fired so," He shrugged. I nodded again. "I was plan B."

I walked up and sat down on my bed. I twisted my neck to look at the front of the book. "The Shadow Rising" by: Robert Jordan. I gasped. "What?" He looked at me with a raised eyebrow.

"I love Robert Jordan, and that series! I'm on the," I stopped and counted them. "Sixth. I think?" I looked over at him. He pursed his lips and nodded. "So how was it?" He asked looking over at me.

"Really good." I said. He nodded again and went back to reading. "Hey," He looked over at me again, his head lazily falling to the side so he could see me. "Do you have the whole series?" He nodded. "Yeah, do you wanna read one?"

I smiled and brushed some loose hair behind my ears. I blushed when I looked back at him, "Yeah, I would like that." I said nodding. He put his book down and rolled off his bed.

When his back was turned I widened my eyes and slowly shook my head. 'What the bloody hell is wrong with me?' I asked my self. 'I never blush, let alone it was because of a guy!'

He closed his trunk and stood up. He turned around holding a book. I smiled again when he handed it to me. "There, that's the sixth, is that the one you were on?" I looked at the cover.

"The lord of Chaos" I nodded and opened the new paper back book. I flipped it open to page 214, and smelled the pages. "What the hell are you doing?" Macon asked when I pulled away.

"Sorry, that's just the best smell in the whole world." I said, dismissing it with my hand. "What smell?" He asked. I looked at him and smiled. "The smell of a new book. The ones that have never been opened." He shrugged.

We sat like that for hours. Just reading and every now and then I would steel a glance at him. He was so concentrated, so drawn in that I don't think even a bomb going off would pull him from it.

I glanced at the clock that rested on top of the nightstand, 5:37pm. I sighed and looked back to the book. I felt eyes upon me so I looked out of the corner of my eye to see Macon looking at me.

"What?" I asked him, my eyes still focused on the book. He shook his head, "Nothing." He sighed and went back to reading.

I set the book down on the nightstand and rolled over on my stomach facing him, bending my legs so they didn't hit the wall and folding my arms under my chin. "Can I ask you a question?" I asked, watching as he kept his focus on the book.

"Other then that, I guess." I glared at him. "Why are you such a dip shit?" I asked innocently. I nearly choked on my laughter when he glared at me. He opened his mouth to respond when Garret bust through the door, causing him jump and fall off the bed.

I couldn't hold it in any more. I burst out laughing. Macon glared up at Garret who was standing in the doorway smiling while his brows furrowed together in confusion.

"What the fuck?" Macon shouted, still lying oddly on the shag carpet. Garret chuckled and glanced over at me. "You're rooming with her? I thought her room was 310, the other hall?"

Macon sat up and threw his arms out. "Why didn't you tell me?" He shouted at his older brother. Garret raised his eyebrows. "You were supposed to be paying attention."

Macon narrowed his eyes and started to curse under his breath. "He couldn't because; quote 'Garret was sticking his tongue down Angie's throat.'" I supplied for Macon while he continued to mumble.

Garret looked over at Macon. "I wasn't sticking my tongue down her throat!" Garret argued. Macon rolled his eyes. "My mistake, I guess you were just exchanging them then."

Garret's jaw dropped in surprise, but trying to not smile. "No, we were just, we, what day was this? Never mind, it's time for dinner so get your punk asses down there." He said and left the room.

I looked over at Macon who was starting to get up. "So, where we goin'?" I asked him, rolling off the bed and landing on the floor. He rolled his eyes and grabbed my wrist, dragging me out of the room.

"Are we there yet? Are we there yet?" I kept asking. He just mumbled and continued to pull me. To be frank, I was getting on my own nerves, but I won't stop, his face and the process of cracking him is all worth it.

I continued this chanting for five more minutes, going down the endless hallway. "Will you shut up!" He yelled. I smiled. Finally. "I'm sorry, is this annoying you? Try having someone pull you everywhere, and not letting you walk like the big girl you are. Really you should just get me a leash like those two year olds in the mall have." I said, wiggling out of his grasp.

"You know what a great idea, and I'm not a girl." He said, grabbing my arm. "No you're right, that's too mean for our female population." We emerged from the long hallway and went into a large room with a long, mahogany Italian table covered in a white silk tablecloth.

The table was decorated with blue and white china, accompanied by silver sliver-ware. There was one chair at the head of the table and on the sides sat fifteen. Macon dragged me over to one of the sides and pushed me in the straight -backed chair.

"Ow! I can fucking sit down myself! It's pretty easy, all you do is bend at the waist and knees!" I yelled at him as he sat down next to me. "I wasn't sure if you had that many brain cells." He said, smiling at my glare.

I was about to respond when the fat man before entered the room. The room went silent, and all its occupants sat down. I watched as he sat down and servant brought out some food.

A serving guy placed a plate of chicken marsala in front of me, with some chicken Alfredo fettuccini off to the side. I looked at the silverware. 'Four forks! What the hell!' I asked myself.

I leaned over to Macon. "Why are there four forks? I have problem enough deciding when to use one!" He looked at me and smiled. "You don't go to fancy places often do you?" I glared at him. "Shut up." I said picking up the smallest fork.

"What is this?" I asked, spinning it around in my fingers. It was about as big as my ring finger and had oddly spaced prongs. Macon leaned over and whispered in my ear. "It's a shrimp fork, now will you be quiet?" I looked at the fork.

"But, if we're having chicken why do we need a shrimp fork?" I whispered, leaning to his ear. He let out a breath of frustration. "Because it goes with the set." He said, threw grind teeth.

I looked at it again. "But why dirty things you won't use?" He placed his head in his hands. "I don't know." I looked at him. "Well, hum, I thought you knew everything, you sure act like it." I said dropping the fork off to the side.

He groaned. "It hasn't even been a day and already I want to off you." He said to himself, picking his head up. I picked up the shrimp fork again. "Why is it so small? I bet I could break this like a pencil." I said, snapping it with my thumb.

I widened my eyes. "Shit! I didn't think it would be that easy." I said trying to put it back together. Macon just laughed. "Is there a problem?" The fat man boomed. I looked up, still banging the two ends of the fork together, in desperate attempt to mold it back.

"Oh, no we're fine." I said waving him off. He raised a bushy eyebrow and continued to eat. I gave up trying to put it back together and just debated throwing the pieces at unknowing people.

"Why won't you eat?" Macon asked, leaning closer to me. I threw the part of the fork with the prongs at Garret who was across from me talking to Angie. "Ow!" He practically yelled when the prongs hit him full force in the shoulder.

"What was that for?" He asked me accusingly. "What makes you think it was me?" I asked innocently. He glared at me. "Okay so it was me," I said shrugging. "Why did you throw half a fork at me?" He asked again. "Because you kidnapped me, and remember, I hold grudges." I winked at him then turned back to Macon.

"I'm sorry, what did you say?" HE shook his head. "Never mind." I shrugged it off and contemplated eating. Sure, I liked the food, a lot, me being Italian and all, but did they do something to mine?

Hmm, did the server slip in some drug so that I'd die? Or am I just being paranoid? I decided against eating, not knowing what sort of place this is and what kind of people it houses.

I leaned back in the chair and broke the half of fork left again, and bent it in a ball. I then threw that at Garret. It hit his head and bounced off. He stopped talking and took a deep breath, his body tensing in anger.

He turned around to face me. "What?" He asked threw clenched teeth. "Oh I didn't want to talk," I said throwing the other ball I made at him. It hit his forehead and then bounced to the table.

"any more?" He asked sarcastically. "No, that's all." I said innocently. He nodded and turned back to Angie. I took this time to study all the people. There were about thirty of them, ranging from ages 16 to 84.

I turned to Macon who was done eating and just slouching in the chair, playing with one of the forks. "How old are you?" I asked him. He looked up at me. "Why?" He looked back to the fork in his hand.

"Just wondering." I said, resting my cheek in my hand. "19." He said simply. I nodded, so I wasn't far off when I guessed. "What's your name?" He asked looking up at me.

I smiled. That I wasn't expecting. "When can we go?" I asked, not answering his question. "Whenever, I guess. But you didn't answer me." He said getting up. "Whoa, aren't you a smart one!" I said sarcastically, still smiling.

We started to walk back to the room. "Where are we exactly?" I asked looking around at the old English walls. "A hallway?" Macon more asked then answered. I rolled my eyes. "No dip shit, where are we in San Antonio?" I rephrased.

"We're on a street called Madison Avenue. I won't tell you anymore then that." He said turning the corner to another hallway. I couldn't help but to chuckle. How ironic.

"What?" He asked, understandably confused. I mean, I did just start to chuckle after he said a street name, but if he understood the irony of it then all would be good.

I shook my head. We got to the room and I just automatically plopped down on the bed. "That's my bed." Macon said simply. "Okay," I said nodding. He rose an eyebrow and sat down on my bed because I hadn't gotten up from his.

"So, what's your name?" He asked again. I laid my head down on one of his pillows and breathed in. "I like your cologne." I said randomly, avoiding the question again.

"Thank you, but what is your name?" He asked, getting a little annoyed. I smiled at him and started to bite my thumb nail, bad habit. I rolled over onto my stomach and looked at him. "Why?" I asked sweetly.

"Because I want to know the name of the person I am forcibly rooming with." I nodded, good reason. He looked at me expectantly. "I'll answer you if you tell me what my dear mother bought from your company." He thought about it, then nodded, somewhat reluctantly.

"Drugs." I shrugged and nodded. "Typical." He looked confused. "You act like you've been kidnapped before." I nodded. "Well, yeah. With a mother like mine this has happened before. Only it was for, not doing her part for this gang so," I shrugged.

"That's why I guess I wasn't too shocked and terrified. But it's only happened once, and they weren't as nice as you, which actually scares me more." He looked at me.

"What?" I asked, totally lost. "I answered your question, so answer mine." I sighed. "I'll give you a hint. The street we're on has my name in it." He thought but it didn't take him too long.

"Madison?" I nodded. He chuckled, a deep rich sound. "How ironic." I smiled. I felt my stomach growl, and I moaned. "What's wrong?" He asked somewhat worriedly.

"I'm hungry." I said clutching my stomach. He laughed. "Why didn't you eat?" I looked at him like it was obvious. "I don't know what might have been in that food. For all I know there could have been drugs to off me!" He laughed again.

"trust me, if we were to off you, it wouldn't be that nice. Especially if I was the one offing you." I smiled at this. I had sorta given him hell, and it hasn't been a whole day yet. But if he thinks it's bad now, wait until I start to PMS and I get violent. Ha! This might be fun after all.