By:Andrew Troy KeIler

It was on a Monday in New York City,
In which a would be actor named Oliver Mitty
Had decided to give having something new in his life a go
And headed out to a city named Fargo,
Where he had found the one to become Mrs. Oliver Mitty.

Her name was Sally O'Conner
And as soon as he had laid eyes on her
And saw her to be a woman of such wonderous beauty,
That he had decided that he should be
Living the rest of his life with her.

But before he was about to do something that was really over the top,
A voice inside his head had said,"Stop!
Have you gotten out of your mind?How do you
Know that she really loves you?"
But then,before he had walked the other way,another voice said,"Stop!"

And after he had heard that,Oliver had turned around and
Saw something that was being considered by him as grand.
He had seen his newfound true love,Sally O'Conner
Standing in front of him with a huge smile on her
Lips and said,"I know what your problem is and I understand.

You see,when I had laid eyes on you,I've wanted to walk over
To you and say,'Hi'.But then,a little voice had pulled me into a corner
And said,'How do you know he really loves you?'
But then,I've finally decided to give true love a go by walking over to you
And saying,'Hello,my name is Sally O'Conner'."

And after he had let out a smile,Oliver had took her hand into his
And said,"Hi,Sally.My name is
Oliver Mitty.And if I do say so,you are as much a beauty
As any woman would be."
And with that,Sally had decided to blend her life into his.

And so,a few months later,
Oliver Mitty and Sally O'Conner
Had became husband and wife--
And Sally had never again gotten nagged in her life,
For Oliver Mitty had just became the perfect lover.