A Better World

Sometimes we forget that there's more to life than us,
Sometimes we get too involved with mediocre fuss,
Think of other countries, where the people are all dying,
Think of abused children, hurting, lonely, crying.

Is there a solution to these problems ever growing?
Is there a positive way to reap what we are sowing?
Does anybody care about the suffering of others?
Or does it feel too difficult for us to even bother?

I wonder if this life will ever get much better,
Or are we too wrapped up in all of our depression?
There are more important things than our petty little wants,
We should think more of others, and be pleased with what we've got.

There is no need for war, when we all should get along,
We don't need the government to teach us right from wrong,
All we need to do is open up our hearts,
To learn not to judge- that would be a start.

And when fighting ceases, when the hating ends,
We will look at others as brothers, sisters, friends,
No enemies to kill, no revenge to pursue,
Would the world be like this if it were down to you?