A/N: I know some of you are becoming a bit impatient with the romance, but if I was in Adalia's old tattered shoes, I would care more about my safety and the ones I love around me, Wilm would be safe as he is a Nazi and the times were difficult and harsh, I'm planning to maybe get Adalia deported to Auschwitz or some other concentration camps after the Warsaw Uprising in 1943 in the ghetto. Or maybe not , but I'm not exactly sure what Adalia would do in the middle of a burned ghetto , so if someone could help me out on that , I'd be grateful and dedicate a chapter to you!

The Diary of Adalia Schafer: A Trilogy

May 14, 1942

I got into an awful fight with Lilith yesterday; it seems that Estella accidentally stumbled upon me and Wilm after curfew, doing our business and she blurted it out to my sister and Sarah. When I came back, Lilith had a horrible look on her face and almost immediately we began to quarrel and our shouting grew louder. Lilith accused me of supporting and becoming a Jewish Nazi of some sort and began to sob and wail and between all of her wailing, she managed to insult me in Yiddish and repeatedly scream at me.

Sarah looked at me with pity in her eyes and then softly soothed Lilith into a sleep, and then she talked to me about my situation. She said she understood me, partly, as her family was Anti-Semitic and were deeply ashamed of her when she married and was pregnant with a Jewish man. Her family then turned their back on her and she hasn't heard of them since, her forbidden love led her to exile. My situation was seemingly worse, as my lover's people were destroying my own kin, and she said that German men liked to cheat on their wives and girlfriends.

That is ridiculous, as if happens in every country that a man cheats on his wife and goes off with another woman. I did not say anything about it though and went to sleep.

Today, Maria's two brothers were sent to those wooden sealed trains, and then they were off along with another thousand of people. Horrible business it was, and Maria has not stopped weeping over them since. I fear for their safety too, and they are in my thoughts and deepest concerns along with Emma and her brothers and those other unfortunate souls.

More Jews have arrived today, and little Nara has given up all hope of ever finding her family. It has become harder to search for them, and Sarah has not allowed Nara to wander off very far for many hours. It is not safe with the Gestapo on every corner, waiting like hungry lions to attack on their innocent passing preys.

Unfortunately for us, Matthew tends to scream and cry at the most nightly hours of the night, and Sarah is losing her sleep. Lydia has graciously offered to keep the baby company when he wakes up in the middle of the night. I suppose Lydia is taking this better than I thought.

Mary Anne visited me today at my work to hand out those damned bricks. I still haven't told Lilith about Mary Anne and Madrigal, and Mother's previous pregnancy. I should when she calms down about my illicit affair.


Later that day, Adalia was hurriedly walking down the dirt-filled streets, carrying a small loaf of bread under her arm. Her long waist-length black hair swaying in the cold breeze, she nervously looked around and then began running down the empty and darkened alleys.

Twilight was slowly falling down upon the ghetto of Warsaw. Adalia took another backwards look, making sure no one was following her when she turned a corner and bumped into someone. She quickly snapped her head towards the stranger and let out a sigh of relief, it was only Wilm.

The moonlight shone upon his blonde hair, making it look silvery. His blue eyes stared deep into Adalia's own deep blue ones. She lightly smiled at him and wrapped him up in a warm embrace.

"What is it?" said Wilm; worry took all over his young face.

"Nothing, I just wanted to ask you about something," replied Adalia, "I was wondering if you could tell me about the people boarded in the sealed trains" she continued.

Wilm's handsome face darkened at the mere thought of those poor and lost souls. He thought of the horrors he had seen the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp before he had been transferred to the ghetto. He clearly remembered the horrified and pained look on the faces of the young and old. He shook his head, trying to erase those memories.

"I rather not," he said after a few minutes of silence. Adalia slowly nodded, not quite understanding why he would keep a secret from her, especially when she could be one of those hundreds boarding the trains.

She looked up upon her German lover's face and then looked down again, her eyes slowly traveling to his watch on his wrist and realized she should be heading back to the apartment , as it was almost curfew and the sirens would be going off in a few minutes.

Wilm took notice of the time and then shook Adalia out of her trance. He softly brushed his lips against Adalia's pale pink ones and then warmly smiled. "You better be on your way," he said and then Adalia nodded and took the same way she had come.


Ha, I bet you weren't expecting that. I've decided that it's kind of hard to explain how Wilm's and Adalia's meetings go; I have decided to write half the story in diary-style and the other half in third person. I personally like it; it will give you a better insight on each of the character's personalities. Next chapter, I'll introduce the Cohen's and Vozs. Read and Review!