The skies outside are cloudy
Even if people say they're sunny,
It's raining outside
Even if people say it's not
The man is alive there,
Even if people say he has been shot.

Blurry water,
It's just another shattered mirror
Fear , confused with terror
Hot water in the bathtub
It's just another crimson liquid,
I know I do not need.

So many people
So many sounds,
So many dark clouds,
I hold my breath and go down,
Cover my ears,
I don't need any sound !

A voice wakes me up
From my nightmare,
As I was looking for a breath of cold air,
I breathe hard in my lungs from everywhere,
As I open my eyes
And I find myself in bed
The pillow wet of the tears I shed,
I hear my mother's voice,
But I know it's diffrent
I had no choice,
It was not the first mother,
I realized now,
I was not her daughter,
She was the second mother,
She was not there to take away my dream,
She was there to wake me up,
To take me again,
Towards another new sin.