Summary: What if you were born with a gift that was unknown to anyone? One that could change the fate of the world? Akira Yuri happens to be this person. When she was born, unknown to her, a special gift was born as well. On her 16th birthday, this gift will surface. Because of the murder of her father right before her eyes, the gift comes at full power, giving her the strength needed for revenge. What she later finds out is that the one behind everything is some mad scientist who has similar powers to her, yet he has a goal to kill her. If she dies, the world would be thrown into eternal hell. If she lives, new life will flourish. Along the way, she meets with a boy who has known about her longer than anyone, and he vows to keep her safe. This is my first original fic, so please bear with me!! Read and Review!!!

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A mother of an unborn child cries in miserable pain as she begins to give birth. Tear after tear falls from her greyish eyes as her husband holds her hand, trying to give her comfort. The doctors surround the mother, doing their best to help reduce the pain. Word after word is spoken, instructing each person on what to do. Chaos kindles as the mother begins to struggle with the birth. Her heart rate drastically drops to a dangerously low level. The husband is removed from the room, in hopes that it will lessen the stress on both the mother and doctors. Each person is rushing frantically around the room, doing their best to keep the mother alive. Her breathing slows as the pain slowly eats away at her life.

The husband paces back and forth nervously as he awaits the birth of their precious child. Droplets of sweat roll down his cheeks as the emotions deluge his heart, and as worry fills his soul. He has been waiting for this moment his entire life, but now that it has arrived, a feeling of terror lurks in his heart. He suddenly freezes as an ear-piercing cry echoes throughout the hospital, bouncing off the walls end flowing endlessly, filling the ears of every patient; every nurse; and every doctor. A blanket of silence quickly covers the echoing scream, bringing suspense to the husband. His inpatient mind takes over and he rushes into the room, greeted by the sweet cry of the newborn child.

Tears quickly fill his eyes as the child is handed to him. He gazes into her crystal blue orbs and smiles, showing her that he is her father. He walks over to the mother, seeing the exhaustion and pain in her expression and movements. His heart shatters as he realizes the truth. She would only live for a few more minutes. The strain was too much for her weak heart, and it couldn't hold out much longer. Quick raspy breaths escapes her mouth as she struggles to see the beautiful face of her dear child. Her husband takes their child and holds her carefully in front of the mother's face. She slowly lifts her head and rubs her nose against the child's. The baby coos sweetly as she gazes into the eyes of her mother.

The only words spoken between the two, "My precious Akira, I will always be in your heart." A smile covers her face as her head falls back against the pillow. A tear trickles down her cheek as her remaining life slips away. The baby's eyes fill with a slight sadness as if she somehow knew what was happening. Her father leans back and holds his daughter close. He whispers into her ear that it's going to be ok. They sit there silently until the doctors return, carrying a birth certificate for the child. The father smiles weakly as they take the child from the room, giving her a proper check up and other medical cycles needed for a newborn child.

The husband sat quietly at the side of his wife. He gently took her hand in his and began tracing circles with his thumb on her palm. Tears fell endlessly from his eyes as the love of his life faded from him. Seeing her die shredded his heart and soul. He rested his head upon the sheets of her bed, laying close to her.

"I promise you I will take care of Akira. I won't let you down, I will raise her well, and give her the life you always wanted her to have; I promise with all of my soul." He buried his head next to her, letting the tears fall freely. As he listened in the silence, he was able to hear the faint cries of his baby girl. A weak smile formed over his lips as he drifted into a peaceful sleep, imagining the life he would've shared if his wife was still here with him, and the life he would share now with his little angel.


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