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Chapter 4: Everything's Essential

~My whole being is calling out your name, and yet I cannot reach you.

I hear your voice, I feel your touch, I taste your lips... but when I look, you're nowhere to be found.

'But you're here!' Akira's eyes widened even more as the figure stood right before her, mere moments from touching her own body. The maiden was now able to catch a good glimpse of his face, his eyes. Oh how he had beautiful crimson orbs, glistening softly with almost a loving hue. He simply gazed into her crystal depths with a soothing, light smile caressing his nearly angel-like, very handsome features.

"D- Da..." The high school teen couldn't even find the breath nor strength to speak any words. Her dazed eyes studied his adoring features silently as he raised a hand to her cheek, embracing it ever so gently. The thing she began to find funny, and somewhat confusing... she didn't find herself fighting against him whatsoever. In fact, she felt rather safe, and very comfortable standing so close to his form like that. The only thing she could really do was gaze into his trancing crimson orbs, and pray to God that this man wasn't going to hurt her.

"My tennyo, it is you. After many years of seeking, my eyes are finally able to lay upon thy beautiful face." He concealed his eyes softly as he stepped closer to her form, his lips growing closer and closer to hers by the second. "And yes, it is I... Damon..."~

The instant those words left his lips, Akira's body released from his. For some unknown reason to her, a whole river of newly found emotions seemed to burst from deep within her soul, much in the likings of a dam. Her mind began to spin like an endless funnel, chaotic thoughts and horrifying images crashing through her head. Very slowly, her form lowered to her knees as her bangs cast a darkened shadow over her crystal orbs.

Standing only feet away, Damon gazed upon her form with a saddened look expressed within his crimson hues. Maybe seeking for her was a mistake after all? Trying to play in the hands of God wasn't exactly a bright plan to begin with, but he had his reasons for doing what he did. Even so, things weren't turning out too good for the both of them, so possibly it would have been for the best if he simply allowed fate to take it's course. 'I shouldn't have come. I should've allowed myself to leave... permanently. I should've followed her!!' His silken black tresses concealed his crimson orbs as his fists tightened near his side. Something within him was cursing for making the decisions he did, yet other parts were telling him he did it simply out of love. Swallowing heavily, he listened quietly to Akira's falling tears.

The maiden was gazing almost blankly towards the ground beneath her knees. Tears continued to fall from her eyes in a glistening stream, though she wasn't too certain on why. 'What's going on here? These images... so many horrifying ones. Why am I crying anyway? There's nothing to be crying over... it's not like he hurt me or anything, so why do these tears fall?' Her hands raised shakily to her face, gently cupping over her moistened skin.

'I'm so confused... none of this makes any sense! Is he really the one whom I saw in my dreams? But how... they were only dreams... It doesn't make sense, none of it!' Akira's grasp gradually tightened as more tears fell. When she shifted her head, the crystal orbs scattered in all directions.

"Please..." A soft voice muffled behind the weeping maiden, slowly wrapping itself around her heart. "Don't cry, for these tears are unsuitable for a tennyo such as yourself." Damon was now standing right in front of her, and he had lowered himself so he was eye level with her.

"Tennyo... why do you keep referring to me as your tennyo? I am no such thing..." Akira barely mumbled as she slowly opened her crystal orbs. They widened somewhat when she noticed just how close he was. Simply shaking off the thought, she lowered her head once more. However, Damon's hand had embraced her cheek ever so gently, guiding her face so he could look directly into her eyes.

"Because you are... you're my tennyo..." 'She must not know of her abilities quite yet... if that's the reason, then I shall not explain everything to her as of yet. When the time comes, I will tell her all.'

"That's just it! How can I be your tennyo when I don't even know you?! Sure, I may have seen a guy like you in my dreams, but they aren't real. Dreams are nothing but damn fantasies that give us entertainment during sleep. So, Damon, why don't you just leave and go back to where you came from." Akira didn't mean to sound quite so harsh, but the immense confusion was definitely aggravating her; she wasn't a person with very high patience.

"You haven't changed the least bit." Damon's fingers skimmed tenderly across her cheek, running over the fine curves of her angelic face. Each movement caused her eyes to widen slightly, causing even more confusion to arise within her. Enough was enough. She didn't know this guy, and here he was sitting right in front of her and running his fingers along her face! She had to put an end to it.

"I don't know what you want, but please just leave me alone! At first, I felt comfortable around you... but now, I can't explain it. So if you know what's good for you, I suggest you get the hell away from me be-"

'What the... he's.. he's..' A move highly unexpected for her was made by the mysterious boy Damon. He had silenced her words with a deep, gentle kiss.

Very carefully, one of his hands rested against her cheek, getting lost somewhat in her golden tresses. The other supported her perfectly on the back, bringing her form closer into his.

Nothing seemed to play in Akira's mind as his lips rested gently against hers, sharing some type of passion that appeared to be so natural. However, none of these feelings seemed to register within her mind, or made no sense.

'Why am I doing this? I can't seem to move away from his lips, almost as if my mind is in a trance. But, deep within, I can't help but feel that this is so right.' Akira held her eyes closed tightly as the kiss continued. She was so confused on to why her mind and heart allowed herself to succumb to his passionate kiss when she didn't know him physically. Everything about this situation caused jumbled emotions to arise within her; she didn't know what to do. In the end, as she rested there in his arms, embraced with his warm and tender lips, she found a single tear cascading down the curves of her face.

Feeling the moisture brushing against his skin, Damon gently pulled away and gazed into her crystal pearls with concerned crimson ones. His already kinds orbs softened even more at the stunning sight of her flowing tears. Why was she crying? Did he hurt her somehow? Was the move he made a huge mistake? These questions and many more hit his mind as the maiden slowly lowered her head, her gaze no longer locked with his.

"I'm so sorry. I hate for you to see me like this, it's so damn ridiculous." A females voice was heard softly, making its way to Damon's ears. In reaction to the soft whisper, his hands had moved up to her face, gently caressing her silky skin and using a thumb to wipe away her tears.

"Shhh. Please don't apologize, for you have no reason to? I should take all the blame for appearing here like this and thinking I could possibly altar what's to come. It's only, you're everything to me, my world, my soul, my life. Seeing you alive once more has restored that missing piece in my soul. Being able to gaze into your angel-like crystal orbs again has given me hope, letting me know that things can change. I love you so much Akira, more than life itself."

The last few words that were carried from his lips left her in a shocked state.

"I love you so much Akira, more than life itself."

How could those words be true? She didn't know this man all that well, and yet he's saying that he loves her? He's admitting to her emotions that she had never experienced, something no one like this had given her. Could she possibly believe him? But, when his lips were pressing against her's, the emotions she experienced were unbelievable. It was like he was pouring himself into her, allowing her to feel the emotions within him.

But even still, Akira didn't understand all of these occurrences; therefore, she couldn't allow them to continue.

The maiden took in a deep breath, slowly rising to her feet. Her golden tresses continued to cast a shadow upon her eyes. After a few more moments of total silence, Akira broke it with her harsh words.

"Go away. I don't know who the hell you are, or what the hell you want. But I do know that I don't want you here. You suddenly appear out of nowhere, claiming that you love me and that I'm your world... what the hell is up with that?! Look, you may think that you can just barge into my life and change it how you please, but I don't think so." The maiden's crystal orbs were glaring with a harsh hue, yet a glossy sheet continued to coat them.

"Just turn around and walk away, pretending that you never saw me. Erase me from your memory and continue living life the way you want."

Damon's crimson orbs had widened immensely, a painful hue playing across his eyes. Sure, it wasn't entirely right for him to barge into her life like that, but he had to. And honestly, his only reason wasn't for love, though that one rode above all others.

"Akira, you don't understand."

"Don't understand what?! What is there to understand? You're just some creepy man who looms around on the streets, telling certain women that you love them more than the world! What can't I understand about that? Tell me!"

Damon closed his eyes tightly, his fists tightening somewhat at his sides as he rose to the maiden's level. If only she knew the fate that was bestowed upon her. "Akira, would you just listen for a moment, please?"

"Listen to what? Listen to you running your mouth about how much you love me? Why don't you do me a favor and just go away!"

"Because I don't want to!! Damn it Akira, why won't you listen to me?!" The man moved forward, his hands grasping the maiden's shoulders and holding her firmly. His crimson orbs gazed deeply into her own.

"I came here because something really bad is going to happen! You have no idea about it yet, but soon you'll find out, and the hard way. I came to try and help you so you wouldn't have to suffer! I came to protect you! Akira, I came here because I love you, and I don't want you to die!!"

Akira's eyes widened, her lips parted to speak, but absolutely nothing coming out. She simply stood there in Damon's firm grip, a tear slipping from her crystal depths.

"Akira, I don't belong in this time. I came from the future, and it's nothing but chaos and destruction. A man by the name of Haru Tahato is going to kill you, simply so he can have your tennyo blood." Damon's eyes slowly softened as he leaned into her fragile form, gently embracing her in his strong arms.

"He plans on using the blood to increase his own celestial powers so he can recreate this world. The only way to do that is to take you away, to take you away from me. I came here to find you and tell you, so hopefully it can be prevented. I'm praying to God that I'm not too late, for it took a long time to simply track you down my dear. You see, I merely came back to save your life, to save your friends and family, to save the world. I need you to believe me on this, please? I don't know what else to tell you, simply that you have to believe me."

What was she to do? Akira was so confused, so lost. She didn't understand this, what was going on, why these things were happening.

First there was the strange light when she had encountered Bit, and the sudden burst of energy that gave her the strength to push him away. Then there were the dreams, the endless dreams that made no sense whatsoever. And now, here's a man claiming that he came from the future so he could warn her of what was to become of her, and the world.

What is one to do when so many things simply fall out of nowhere, not one of them making any sense at all? And then this tennyo. Akira knew what a tennyo was, but how could she be one? Where did the celestial DNA come from? Was that the explanation for the strange light?

"Damon..." Akira whispered ever so softly, her slender fingers gently resting upon his chest. "I'm sorry... but I can't believe what you're saying. The tales are simply too farfetched. How can you possibly expect anyone to believe such nonsense? They won't, so you might as well give up."

Giving a slight push, the maiden broke free from the man's gentle hold, her crystal orbs glaring with a type of hatred.

"Now... leave me the hell alone, and go back to where you came from. I don't want to have anything to do with you! I don't believe in any of these tales you have for me to hear, so what's the point in telling me? None of course. Now if you don't mind, I'll be leaving now. My dad is going to be worried sick about me."

"Akira... do what you must. If my words can't convince you, I'm afraid that the truth will. You'll see with your own eyes a portion of what's to come. And I promise you, everything will turn around after this event." Damon's hands had fallen to his side, his head tilted towards the ground. You could see his fists tightening as he spoke to the high school teen.

"I'm sorry that you have to find out this way, but it's the only way to convince you." His flesh gradually began to lighten up, a whitish hue slowly engulfing his fists. It was from his emotions.

The man held anger and sorrow within him right now. If Akira didn't believe what he was saying, then she would have to experience the beginning of it. Damon knew what it was, and how it would affect her. This single event would be the beginning of her entire life change.

"What... what's going on?" Akira's crystal orbs gazed in shock and fear at the man before her. What was he doing? What was happening?

"I'm sorry... I'll leave you now.. Goodbye, dear Akira." His fist tightened even more, causing a small crater to form beneath his feet. His crimson eyes glanced up towards Akira, memorizing that look of fear in her eyes. 'The same look... the same look the day she died... oh Akira..' Without another word, Damon turned away from her and began to walk. If you looked closely, a small shimmering orb could be seen trailing down his smooth flesh.

"D-Damon..." The maiden's eyes suddenly softened, watching quietly as his form vanished in the distance. One of her hands raised to her chest, clenching the material of her shirt tightly.

"Damn it. This has been a bad day. I just pray that it doesn't get worse." A gentle sigh left her lips as she turned away, deciding to take a different route home.

"What was that all about? I'm so confused. Why the hell did he tell me all of that stuff?! Grrr... damn it all!" She sighed heavily once more, both arms hanging almost lifelessly beside her. "I should talk to Sakura about it. She seems to be the expert on this kind of stuff. Perhaps she can give me an explanation."

Akira continued her way home, her thoughts entirely hooked on the encounter she just had with Damon. "I wish for once that things would go right in my life."

But unfortunately, this was just the beginning of a whole new chapter in her life. And hopefully, if Akira decides to believe in what Damon is telling her, she could be the one to write a new ending.


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