Museum of Rejected Art

"Well, this was a Rembrant,

but someone changed the sky."

"And this was a van Leyden,

but someone spliced paper to repair it."

"That Monet? Lovely, isn't it?

The dealer thought it would sell better varnished."



"Heavens, what do you mean?"

"They are beautiful,

They deserve to be enjoyed."

"No, but then I don't plan to sell them.

Unloved children, each and every one."

"See that print? Charming, no?

A bit of conte shading ruined it."

"Well, ruined it for the Musee des Beaux Arts.

Here it remains an inspiration."

"Museum of rejected art—

None fully original,

But I stand with Keats:

Beauty is truth, truth beaty."

Author's Note- Ars gratia artis. A name may become popular because of an artist's talent, but then the name becomes a commodity, and people stop caring for beauty or talent. Monetary value becomes key, any other value is seen as idealistic. Well, this pessimist/idealist was inspired to write this by a trip to the bowels of the MFA. I saw what tarnished treasures lie in climate controled metal drawers and acid free folders, faintly reviled because they had been modified or 'fixed' before documentation was required. I still thought them beautiful and worthy fo being seen.