The Gereth Sphere

In a time that is now forgotten, in a place no one can remember, there existed a world where evil reigned, and the good lived in constant fear for their very souls. The armies of the necromancer, Karn, raided towns and cities daily, delivering more mortal spirits for their lord to feast upon. Seeing that the common folk could do nothing to save themselves on their own, the spiritual leaders of the land began a search to find two who could be made their champions.

After years of searching finally they found the perfect pair. One was a prince who had a warrior's spirit, but whose heart was as pure as newly fallen snow. The other was a simple barmaid, feisty, able to fend for herself, and as honest and true as anyone could be.

Together, they were called to the throne of the high priest, Deranthus, who told them of the quest they would have to fulfill if good were ever to triumph over evil. To succeed, they would have to find the Gereth Sphere, a legendary artifact of immense
magical ability that could rid the land of evil for all time. Both accepted their calling as the priests and priestesses knew they would.

The two were outfitted in the finest magical armor and weapons that could be provided; the armor of the Gods. The prince received a breastplate ornamented with gold that gave the bearer extra agility and speed, and a sapphire blade which could summon ice. The bar-maid was outfitted with a jade-trimmed helmet which gave the bearer great strength of mind and body, and a ruby sword with the ability to call forth fire. Together these two left the high priest's throne to venture into the world and find the fabled Gereth Sphere.

Two days later they were killed by a wandering tribe of orcs.

After several hours of going "D'OH!" and smacking their foreheads, the spiritual leaders calmed down enough to once again begin a search of the land. After several more years passed they once again found two whom they believed would be able to find the Gereth Sphere. They, too, accepted the challenge and were equipped with the armor of the Gods.

A week later their bodies washed up on shore near the High Temple. After 5 more failures the priests and priestesses became extremely irritable, and gave up the concept of searching. Still, they needed two champions. After much argument they decided to simply step outside of their temple, grab the next two people who happened by, suit them up, and send them on their way.

And thus began the greatest quest the world had ever known.

For any of you who might be waiting expectantly for more to this story, I have one word for you: don't. I have absolutely no intention of ever writing more, unless one day I get a sudden urge, but considering I wrote this story a few years ago, I don't see that happening. Ever. Sorry.