Find Me

Written by: Heidi Nielson (Princess Pinkie)

A/n: Oddly enough, I own everything! Yay! ^-^ Anyway, I hope you all enjoy this story! Here's the prologue! Please give me feedback! Any helpful hints or words of encouragement are wonderful!! Thanks a bunch! --Pinkie

Dedication: This story is for my best friends Jess, Sammy, and Jen who inspired me to write something fantasy. It's also to my adorable karate instructor, who inspired the idea of the character Ronan. I love you guys!! ^-^


"You must take him away," the priestess said.

The little boy, probably no older than ten, stared up at them, with his bottom lip quivering. His brunette curls hung in his muddy eyes, as he looked up at them; his eyes wide and pleading.

"Father, please," he said, kneeling.

"No!" the man yelled, and the boy collapsed on the floor shrieking in pain.

"Don't ever call me that name again," the dark man whispered dangerously.

"Yes, master," the little boy gasped, sweat streaming down his face.

"Good," the man said, sneering, and the boy's body went limp.

"Have his memory wiped," he continued coldly, "He must never know his past, and he must never come here again. I know I promised the Guard he would not be slain, but if I see him again, he will be."

He turned on his heel and walked from the room.

The boy lay on the floor, drifting out of consciousness. The only thing he saw as the world began to turn black was a glowing orb. Bright green.