Hunter of Mine

The fierce hunter

fell in love last night.

His hands

clay ridden fingertips

mold her face

as though it were a canvas of happiness.

They are angels


Blessed with the eternal flame

of unconditional love,

that we all wish to find.

Does she love you?

hunter of mine

you were my own canvas once

a long ago whisper and lullaby that I sung inside your silvery skin.

I watched

and waited

as you hunted down your angel

and myself

your sultry devil.

The temptress who took you away

form the one thing that you desired.

Can you blame me?

The siren that alerted you to the body,

the soul,

the mind.

How many nights was it

that we never slept

reading old books by the fire light.

My hunter,

you left my side

and now I'm lonely.

I'm to fiery to be your angel

to dangerous to the touch

to settle down and have a life with.

To silently smooth to give everything up for.

Hunter of mine

after all that I have written here

do you still love her?